the feelings  

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9/3/2006 10:44 am
the feelings

the feel of her touch so soft so delicate. the warmth in her hand as it glides across my skin. makes the hair stand as she touches me so lightly. Ilike a small breeze blowning across ur arm. Sends gooose bumps down my spine. Her Kiss so soft so delicate so soothing to the soul of a bear. as her lips slowly move toward mine and we meet and in that split second is the feeling of two hearts meeting to be one. I awake each morning wanting to feel her kiss and her touch and knowing that I can not have it. As i lay here missing her her touch her kiss I know that if i close my eyes and concentrate I can feel her she is in me around me through me with me. Just a thought makes me want her more in a heart beat I can go from soft to hard just from a thought the wind blow just right and she crosses my mind wood instant. Wow what an affect she has on me.

Now I cover what I have covered before but not in detail. The dance remeber this is just feeling. I sit on my sofa as she starts to dance the blood rushing through my bloodstrem. My heart pounding as she stands before in a short skirt with t-backs on that she added beads to. with a yellow scoop top with strings over her shoulders and to watch her move is like watching a goddess making love. As her body sways to the rythmn of the music and I watch and she peers over her shoulder to see if I am watching her. I watch her as she slowly drops a shoulder and her string falls over it and down her arm. And bears the skin beneath it and then the other fell. I played our some come undone and oh my god it so affect me as she danced and moved to a song that I said was her.As she danced on she took her hands and ran them down her ribs to her skirt and slowly rolled it off her hips he soft smooth skin and her black t- backs as her skirt began to fall. I watched as she moved her hips and it just slipped off and began to run down her legs to her CFM heels. As it was gathered on the floor she continued to dance inside the remains of her skirt like a snake getting ready to wrap around it pray every so gently with purpose a bueatiful sight if I have ever seen one. As I continued to watch. She kicked her skirt with her heels moving it out of her way. bend over towards me and looked me straight in the eyes I could tell it was not the woman that has my heart it was another side of her. This one I saw in her eyes had purpose had design knew what she was doing wanted me so hot I could not stand it. And was cocky she knew she was the bomb and had me in the palm of her hand. had a swish in her walk and a cocky twitch in her step. And oh my god she was so bueatiful. SHe moved in close to me started at the top of my head her tits were right in my face I mean oh my god my nose was in the cleveage she ran her tits down my body and I looked her in the eyes I could see her in there going I gotcha you are so had. And all I could feel was wow. I mean it was my first. as she spun around and put her smooth soft ass in my face as if to say ok here it is grab it. But also telling ok u cannot touch me at all hands on ur side. Oh my god everything in me desired her wanted her just wanted to grab her and throw her down on the floor and make passionate love to her. And all she would say is no dont touch. Oh my god the torcher I thought I was going to die and then she grinded her ass on my dick and shit I thought OMG I could almost loose it. And she could see the desire in my eyes and feel it from my body. But instead of giving in she continued dancing and my god it was so awesome.

The first blow ok as many know from the post i made It was my first to cum ever. well here is the side u don't know. Well She had me lay down and in my mind thought yea ok whatever this has been done before and failed, Sohe hum. well let me tell u as I lay there she started with her hand strokin me slowly delicately and gentle as I got hard I was like wow ok this is different. Then she moved her lips to my body started at my nipples workin her way down till she got to the head of my cock now I'm thinkin ok here we go she is just going to try and eat the snake nope Iwas wrong she put her tongue on the head and worked up and down the shaft getting it even harder, Oh my god it was like wow. think my Dick actually grew an extra inch. As my head started to feel alittle light I went wow never felt this before. Then I could feel these soft sweet gentle lips on the head of my cock. I was like wow not just going up and down just there soft and gentle then I felt them move down my shaft. I was like wow such feeling in there she was never in a rush. Just slow and gentle. I was getting so hard man. Then I could feel it getting rougherlike it was bein put in a vice wow made my head swim it was her teeth she was running them up and down the shaft. and i could feel something like twitchin just below the head of my cock can only think it was her tongue not sure but wow. as she continued I felt lighter headed and my blood seemed to run all the way down to my dick OMG I was like getting dizzy it was all new to me. Never felt any of this before as she continued to move up and down the shaft I could feel my legss begin to vibrate like nerves jumping around on top of my skin. I was like wow in my brain what the hell is this. She didn't just work two sides of the cock like most do in an up and down motion she moved all around it worked all sides. Oh my god the first time she sucked my balls wow brain tumor.. Well i could feel I was gettin close to loosin it and i was like wow what the hell is this my dick i could feel it twitchin in her mouth. She was speeding eyes rolled back in my head I was so dizzy. I was like shit this could be my first ever. and as it began to move up the shaft I could feel it and could tell she knew it was comin cause she was workin really hard. And don't remember much after that cause I lost it and my brain went to jello or mush. And I was nothing but in awe over it all. ok u have all had a look into feelings.. CB

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