Tongue Dances  

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9/3/2006 4:09 pm

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Tongue Dances

If I were like my cowboy, I'd be up struttin around like the cock of the walk right about now after reading his last entry. But I'm not so I will just sit here and grin. LOL. I'm always trying to get into his head and knowing finally what went through his mind that day means a great deal to me. The dance he talked about was during our last time spent together and wasn't the first time I had danced for him. I think he likes the VIP dances the best, huh? Now, I've been out of the business for several years and just got the pole back up at home so I am a bit rusty. Can't wait til I am back on top of the game and Sapphire is back...will have him blowing in his silk boxers. And yes, honey, I think I can. LOL.

The first few times we were together it was mostly hot sex, before we fell in love. He is a bit more difficult to get off than most, that is true but is nothing compared to how difficult I am. I am thinking it just took the other for each one of us. He doesn't cum everytime I do it but I love the taste of him and he gets plenty of head when we're together. Even considering our limited time together, most guys would love to have as much head as he gets. Again, am just gonna sit here and grin.

Getting back to how difficult a case I am...well, he is only the second to make me cum through penetration in my whole life. He said he thought maybe I would be scared of it at first but I knew that it would take a big one to do it. I seem to always stay wet for him and given his size and mine you would think it would be difficult. It's not. I love the way he feels when it first goes in, the way my body tingles in anticipation of having him inside me. He just presses into me and fills me easily, making me lose my breath and my head swim. I always feel the need to open up to him and take all I can but love to tighten down on him and watch him struggle to maintain his composure through it. He teasingly laughs and says I am so "multi" when I am still amazed that it can be done even once. I mean totally amazed. He knows me well enough now to recognize when the "little explosions" occur and keeps count. LOL. (He's so cute.) The big explosions, well hell he couldn't miss them and is usually having one of his own at the same time. I love it.

Out of respect for the fact that I really dislike the "P" word he calls her Kitty and loves to go there with his tongue. At first he was on a mission, knowing that only two had done it, he was damned and determined to get me off. I kept telling him I'd rather have his pole but he, like I said, was on a mission. I have never met anyone who was able to read me so quickly and figure me out. (And I am no great communicator about what I need either.) So, it was all on him to figure me out on his own. We were together several times and he was still on his mission. He would get me so close that I would be dizzy and see colors in a haze around my head and then it would just disappear. One day we met early and his mission began anew first thing, right out the gate. I'm not feeling any pressure, right? LOL. Oh my God, he was in all the right places, with just the right amount of pressure with his tongue, his lips and his hands. He made me feel so good that I forgot the rest of the world and I finally gave over, getting lost in his caress, his touch. I remember thinking over and over how when he was finished he would put that big dick of his in me and fuck me hard til I came again. That made me even hotter. Then it wasn't just his mission, it was mine and I could feel it finally cross over to where I knew I had it. Once I reached that point I just rode it out, enjoying the sensations as he dove his face into me, his tongue dancing on me, before shattering into pieces. As CB would put it, "come undone".

And what does my baby do? He jumps up exclaiming about how he did it! He did it! He was so proud and cute as hell. So excited. I was amazed and emotional. Yes, he had done it, and both ways. That was the day my eyes completely changed color.

And he's done it since...

I'll let him strut and me, well, I'll just sit here and grin.

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