The first  

poledancerandnut 53M/53F
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8/24/2006 11:29 am
The first

Afternoon all:
Well how to start this for those that don't know and may be interested I am a real cowboy. I am not a traveled man nor I have done it all nor seen it all. The things she talks about our things I never have had nor done sexually. I am just a plain old cowboy. I open doors for a lady. I give flowers gifts little I'm thinkin of u things. I'm a gentleman if u walk in the rain in heels and come to a puddle I will carry u acoss. Well I met this little filly I married about 9 yrs ago we were married 3 yrs and wwe had a son. well she used to say she was an oral professional well LOL she got alhold of my pole and well she was in awe I know to girls some not all size does matter. Well I have size god blessed me and well as my new found love will tell u my pic does not do it justice. well I am not anything but a cowboy spent years just bein a man and doing all I could to just be me. Texas is a state and a state of mind Life is full of ups and downs people get lost in all the crap a day has to offer us. Well I was there workin IBM making thousands a year and one day I got my roots back and oh my god I had to run and I mean run to the middle of a feild and yell. Well I left the life I was in and made a change in living in everything I do. Well I got married to this girl who was as she put it a pole expert well as poledancer has put it she dont know shit. SHe tried for three years to milk and didnt always said too big and there were afew others before her I was not an experianced man I have had 7 woman in my life. And have not done it all either. The first are things I have not experianced ever blow jobs, sex in strange places, sex with others any of that. Well she opended up a new world to me. And she if very proud of herself and I give her double kootoes for that I had the best blow job I have ever had. I said one day I would find the woman that could rock my world one that could leave me speechless. Never found her until afew weeks ago. And I am in awe. I love her with all I am and will not leave her ever. I know she is going through a very difficult time But I am here and will be here. SO think I have covered it of course there is more to follow and she has her firsts too. but I will let her tell those..

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