At this hour  

poledancerandnut 53M/53F
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8/28/2006 2:25 am
At this hour

Well goodmornin readers hope all are well.I'm taking this time to reveal love. I awoke one mornin and walked out on my porch and looked across my property as the sun rose I watched. as it came up I looked up the hill on my property, And my newest addition to the property LIL shit. which is a chestnut 2yr old with blonde main and tail was standing in the center. As I was watching the morning sun rise around him he glowed in the bueaty of the sun.he looked majestic in the light that surrounded him. His main glowed from the rays his main blowing in the wind. And as I continued to watch my mind drifted off to the woman I love cause after all lil shit is her horse. Well as my mind wondered to her I saw her lovely eyes and her beautiful smile. And the sun all lite around her face it was like she was there before me but wasn't. Her every movement is planted in my mind her every smile is a print on the back of my mind, Her touch is inbeaded in my skin. As I sit here and think of her I can feel her touch on my shoulder and hear her voice what are u doing.. They are all blueprinted in my mind heart and soul. I love u honey. to the readers enjoy ur monday..

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