Swinging From A Pole Is Easier Than Getting It's Attention!  

poledancer1963 53F
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7/19/2006 3:47 pm

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7/19/2006 10:10 pm

Swinging From A Pole Is Easier Than Getting It's Attention!

Imagine having bruises in places that are the most tender on your body from climbing on, swinging from, hanging upside down from and falling from a stainless steel pole. (All the while on four inch heels!) While painful, they are nothing compared to the marks left behind from simply trying to get and maintain a man's attention!

Poles are hot for you for days, sending you emails, calling, and IM'ng you everytime you are logged on. You begin to trust them and think that just maybe they may be worthy of what you have to offer. Dream on. The days following what you thought was a hot first encounter will only be filled with you checking your email to find the box empty. He may log in for a minute only to tell you he can't talk because he is so busy. Then you log onto AdultFriendFinder to see that he's had plenty of time to be there on that day or is logged on at that very moment; however no time to even extend the courtesy of answering your last email. It occurs to me that once the hunt is over they move on to stalk their next prey or to have their ego, (and anything else they can get) stroked. I just don't get it. Well, actually I do, as I wrote about it in my last blog entry. Yet, it remains such a conundrum. Is it possible that for the poles it is all about the hunt. It's like watching a documentary about lions and having the ability to empathize with the cute, little creature the king of the jungle devours at the watering hole. Makes you want to go thirsty.

Perhaps I am just dense and am not capable of playing the game, but I will strongly argue the point that for me, depersonalizing and literally evolving from a lonely housewife and mother with no senuality into a sensuous, hot dancer was easier than finding a pole who will actually give a damn to dance on! Much less their precious time. (And the stainless pole left fewer bruises!)

The pole I'm married to doesn't work. The pole I could dance on is in my garage in pieces. The poles on AdultFriendFinder are unavailable for dancing unless it is convenient for them. One wonders why they type their little fingers to the bone claiming they need a woman in their life when they have no time to dedicate to them? Damn, what's a dancer gotta do to get a pole's attention? And why do all the poles brag they are "The One" when they aren't willing to put any effort into it? Perhaps some of you poles out there could enlighten me as I am perplexed. Go ahead, flame away. I can take it.

And I hope I get some answers.

mm0206 68F
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10/18/2006 2:11 pm

I think you pretty much have an enlightened view of how men go about their day to day lives....
The Chase... closing in for the capture or kill and then sitting back and boasting either in their own minds or if another male is present... basking in the glow of another jerk's admiration....then of course there is always the swagger ...

I am so tired of this ritual... fortunately, I have fairly conservative in my choices.

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