Last night....  

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3/28/2006 7:54 pm

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Last night....

Last night was the most wonderful night of the week ... i was at work there just sitting in the office thinking about how it would be nice to have a stripper over for the night. Having a nice HOT blonde perfect body stripper dancing making me all hot, and fantising about her and i just going at it nice and hard, and all over the house. so i called and i finally got a hold of a place where they said that they had the cutest stripper and i would not regret it. I responded with ... if your lying to me i will throw her out and i would not do business with her agian. to my suprise there she was at the door ... tall, thin, blonde, nice body, and the most beutiful hair, and eyes. she was on the phone with her employer she said "someone would like to talk with you" i said sure... i got on the phone and she went on to rub it in my face " is she hot or is she hot" i went on to let her know for now she looks very promising. she said have a good time, and hung up.... well the cutie went on to start with some music followed by slowly teasing me with her cute little boobs and hot body... slowly sitting on me and making me HOT... she got up and and slowley started giving me a strip tease and then i got up and started dancing dirty with her ... i was nice and erected by then (if you seen her you would be to) rubbing up agianst her and having the best time of the nigth... slowly and little by little the tables turned and i then started teasing her slowly going down to her night wet tight pussy.. kissing around but not touching it (as she didnt let me touch her nor come close to letting me touch her pussy) slowley taking her leg up in the air and kissing, and slowley licking it and teasing her... kissing her titties and sucking them ... the hour was up ... and i asked her to be expecting me to be calling soon. so that was a week ago and today is the 28th and i cant stop thinking about her and the good time we had ... i go through the day at work at sit in my office and think about the next time i will meet her and what we can do to make the night more exciting.

if you have any ideas hit me up ... you know them strippers they cant touch ... doesnt meen she cant be teased.

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