Less Talk!  

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7/3/2006 6:10 pm

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Less Talk!

Like Toby Keith says: "A little less talk, if you please a lot more loving is what I need. Let's get on down to the main attraction with a little less talk and a lot more action!"

What is going on in this place?!? We all found this site, we joined, we created profiles, and spent hours on hours searching the players for a 'friend' in which we could connect with (in more ways than one ). Sure, I've had some luck, but I've also had some bad nights. I've been dismissed, disappointed, and stood up! I came here only because a friend told me about this place. I wasn't really interested, but something drew me in, as I'm sure it has done the same to most of us. I spent a little more time on my profile to make it sound more interesting, however it is still all true! I made a blog (mainly to give me something to do), and I send out my fair share of e-mails. Thankfully, it's a lot easier for women to get responses because of this ratio that everyone keeps talking about. The first guy that I met was very quiet at first which was awkward to me (I'm usually shy when I first meet new people), I had to do all the talking. We met up a couple of times before we did anything sexually. The second guy, well he dismissed me!!! The third guy was a great guy to be around, but I wasn't attracted to him enough for anything sexual to happen between us. The fourth guy...well he's not going anywhere!!! He's fun to be with and fun in bed....he's a keeper ! And, well the last guy that I actually met up with was fun as well, but I guess he's done with me now! That's too bad though, because he wasn't bad in bed! Now I have said that I've gotten stood up a couple of times as well. What makes that so bad is the fact that they both happened in the same week!!! Makes me kind of nervous to try again. I haven't met anyone new since. I'm scarred for life!

That being said...Women, come on give the guys a chance!! They all are not so bad. I've met a few guys that are extremely fun to be around, even if we didn't sleep together. Sure, that's what the site is about, but I don't see myself just jumping into bed with a guy that I've only said a few words to. Wait...I did do that!!! Okay, he was very lucky, actually he just teased the hell out of me and I couldn't and didn't want to restrain myself! Well, we did say more than just a few words to each other, we had lunch.

And to all you guys: don't expect a woman to sleep with you on the first night. I know that is what we all claim we want from this site, but it's not always going to happen that way. Be sweet, be funny, and be respectful to her and I promise she will not make you regret it.

To all you shallow people: GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Take a good, long look in the mirror, because good looks are all you have!

Well people, let's get this party started! Get out there and meet someone. Have fun and enjoy life while you still can.

By the way, I also want to hear about your good and bad experiences with meeting people from this site!

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