Me as wet panties  

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4/17/2006 3:37 pm
Me as wet panties

I don't know if it's the underwear ads posted all over town that finally is getting to me, but I imagined myself as a pair of womens knickers the other day while traveling on the subway.

Picked out of the drawer, slided up over the legs, squeezed over the thighs, adjusted over the hips and happily realizing that the world is now mine.
I would begin to take in the round shapes that I'm wrapped around.
The butt, the two lovely butt cheeks working under me as the woman moves.
The hips, following that delicate curve from the waist to the thighs.
The round shape of the belly, following the lines towards the crutch.
And then the woman starts to walk and I would feel the muscles in the butt cheeks working. The periodical tension and release, tension and release...
and I'm rubbing along with it, in the front playing with the pubic hair curling it to small balls and in the back rolling myself up in the but crack.
I'd let the hair penetrate my fabric so I would get closer to the skin.
Rubbing myself against the clit and then spreading the vagina. Small dips in the well and swirling around until the woman finally soaks me in juices as she comes.
Again slided over thighs and legs, given a cleanup with gentle hands in the sink and then hung to dry absolutely washed out.
But happy.

Gosh! That fantasy gave me a boner, and in public too.

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