my favorite fantasy...  

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9/29/2005 3:22 am

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my favorite fantasy...

We're both a little nervous, just meeting for the first time. This is the most awkward part for me, so after a couple of minutes of small talk I ask if you mind if I break the ice a little. You agree, and I kneel in front of you.

Stroking you gently through your pants, we can both feel things start to stir under the cloth. I play for a little bit and then hear you sigh and feel you relax a little. Then I undo your belt, take down your zipper and free you from the confines of your undergarments.

Magnificent. Freed from the the restrictions of your clothing, you spring to life in my hand. I explore you with my fingers for a couple of minutes, getting the feel of things before taking just the head into my mouth.

Not too fast, though - we've still got lots of time. I explore with lips and tongue, just enough to keep you interested. I can feel tension building a little in you but it's not time for that yet - so I take you deep into my mouth and just... hold... you... there... for a few seconds. Then I suggest you undress and lie on the bed.

While I'm undressing I tell you to stop me before you cum and then I go to work. A little more aggressive now, I alternate between between softly sucking you and an blowing you aggressively. You feel things start to build inside you and tell me to stop. I pull away immediately.

Giving you a chance to recover, I reach for the bottle of lube on the nightstand, spread your legs wide and begin to explore you gently. As I rub my moistened finger over your ass I can feel the muscles relax after a little gentle persuasion. I add a little more lube and gently ease a fingertip inside you - no more than that. After a few seconds you arch your hips toward me and I take that as a cue to explore a little deeper, fingering you slowly and gently. I can hear you moan a little and feel your hips rocking to the rythmn.

I stop and slowly withdraw. Telling you to stop me once again before you cum, I take you in my mouth once again. Starting off slowly, we build to the same pace we had earlier and again you stop me, wondering what I'll do this time.

I move back to where I was playing before and you feel me slowly... slide... two...fingers... inside... you. We take a minute for everyone to get accustomed to something a bit larger in your ass, and this time I work my fingers inside you a little slower and a little deeper. You moan and your hips rock in time with me and you begin to wonder how it'll feel when I replace my fingers with my cock.

But not yet. I tell you I'm going to finish you off now, and return to sucking you, this time with a vengeance. It doesn't take long before you explode in my mouth and after receiving what you have to give I just suck you softly for a minute or two as the wave of your orgasm passes.

part 2 later...

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