My sunday  

pocketdawwg 47M
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7/9/2006 11:36 pm
My sunday

well i guess it got off to a normal sunday morning. Coffee and the papers before walking the dog. normal mid morning cleaning was about to begin until the phone rang. It was one of my old girlfriends who was in the area and had got my number from my mate. We hadn't spoken in four year.
And after the initial checking each others status regarding are you married etc we agreed that we should hook up for drinks and chat about the old days. We met at the pub which for me is a five minute walk from my house and after picking my jaw off the ground when i saw Ali, she was wearing a very low cut top and tight denim skirt. Long brown hair and she still had thoughs bouncy castle lips that every man dreams about, we drank and chatted about how it went wrong when we went out together.
After a couple of hours i asked if she wanted to come back to my place which she agreed too. Back at the house, I made us some more drinks and was glad that Ali had agreed to having just one more before she had to go. we sat outside and as the sun shone down Ali commented on the enclosed garden and that you could be totally naked and no one would see you. maybe it was the drink but I dared her to take her top off. After a second or two, Ali surprised me by standing in front of me and asked me to take her top off for her. I could feel my cock twitch as I stood and gently ran my hands over her shoulders and brush her large firm tits. She moaned as i cupped them in my hands and then pulled the top off her. my fingers traced the line of her bra before sliding inside the material and caressing her nipples that turned hard as i rubbed them with my fingers. She pressed the palm of her hand against the bulge in my trousers and smiled. Before pulling the zip down and sliding her hand inside my boxers and grabbing my now hard cock. You wanna play? she asked as she kneeled before me and pulled my trouser down and kissed the tip of my shaft. I ran my hands through her hair and pushed her towards my cock which she took in her mouth and began to suck. Her tongue felt good as it slide around my cock and balls and soon she was sucking hard on my cock. I pulled away and kissed her on the lips before i layed her down on the floor and pulled her skirt off and began to kiss her legs working my way up to her pussy which was shaved. My tongue licked and suck her cunt as her fingers pushed my head down. she came loud and hard and i sucked her juices until she pulled my head away as she wriggled with her orgasm. Fuck me naughty boy. I grinned and rubbed the tip of my cock against her wet pussy before entering her and we bean to move in time together. the sun shone down as we fucked hard on the grass before i pulled out and wrapped her ample tits around my cock and gave Ali a tit fuck. I could feel the cum building in my balls and Ali sensed this and grabbed my cock in her hand and began to wank me hard all the time talking dirty to me. I grunted and released my hot spunk which splashed over her face and hair. She sucked the cum from my cock and we fell on the floor totally spent. One hell of a reunion I said smiling.

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