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8/15/2006 6:11 pm

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Plane Politics

This is way off topic for this site, but it is my blog and I'm feeling depressed about current state of the world.

I'm sure everyone's heard the latest ban on your carry-on luggage - no liquids, lotions, etc. Seems like the terrorists win even when their primary mission fails. Does anyone feel safer? I don't. They will continue to target us and think of slightly more creative ways to smuggle some sort of explosive or weapon on board. Seems all we do is react and restrict more and more of our hard earned freedom.

Am I saying the ban on liquids is stupid? No. There was a specific threat and we lack the technology to detect the difference between pure water and some sort of liquid explosive. What else could the airports do?

Sure seems like we could be doing more though. Either hire a bunch of people to through look through everything or invest in more sophisticated technology. Still I guess it's just putting a finger in a leaking dam, plug one area and two more leaks appear.

I don't have the answers but I do wish we would concentrate more on solving the cause of the problem that keeps making more terrorists, and less trying to stop them.

LilSquirt_4mfm 67M/67F
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8/15/2006 8:11 pm

hi pmail ... good post .. .good overall look at it .. i agree on the airlines bit totally .... just want to comment on your last paragraph.

Still I guess it's just putting a finger in a leaking dam, plug one area and two more leaks appear......... so well put ... reacting is what we do ..... im not sure we can plug every hole ... in fact, we cant!!

"solving the cause of the problem that keeps making more terrorists" ...... implies that we should change and that it is not an "inherant" problem .....ok, having studied hard at this since we smelled a problem cuming in 1991, also lived close up to muslim terror in Filippines for 94 - 98 ..... I have found nothing that we could ever do to stop this fundamentalist group from following their perverted version of a religion toward the objective of killing all non muslims ... no, all non "Fundamentalist" muslims, including all muslims who will not go their way. This is not a situation for our so often used "we must be to blame" .... they are doing it based on centuries old rhetoric ... ....ok, did we get a thank you for saving then in Bosnia? .. no!! ....Kosovo? ... no!! ..... (i suspect they even resented our having to save them ... fundamentalists dont let anyone win no matter what they do ... they have an agenda that always was unchangeable) ...i think it is time we "Smelled the Coffee" ... we cant change them.... no matter what we do. Their words of course blame us ... . that does not mean that they wont do it no matter what we do.

I don't have the answers...... nor do I ... I only have the "question" do we survive their religious driven deathwish? ... how could we ever compete with the sexual / adrenaline /power rush the suicide bomber feels, or for that matter, his boss in a cave, or in Tehran ... or in .....

Then, there is the 6th Century "Shia Armageddon" thingy which no one can argue has anything to do with us ... we are just tools to make it happen for them. Then, there is the Shia vs Sunni deadly "wipe each other out" thing which we are caught up in .... then there is the Shia "Hidden Messiah" ... the Shia "Twelvers" bent on their joyfull blessed Armageddon .. .and now in a real hurry to help it along .....then we have ...... and the list goes on .

Then, right up to date and in our face now, there is Ahmadinejod (whom ive appropriately and lovingly nicknamed "Armageddejod" on my blog stuff on him. ... appropriate nick when one delves in to his religious background and the details of those beliefs... .and are aware or what he has already set in motion toward that end.

If only it were so easy that it were in our power to stop them from what they set out to do .... if only ....... if only

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