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sex positions

Instructions, Tips, and Techniques
1. The male should start on his hands and his knees.
2. The female should be on her back right under his penis.
3. The man can either stay still while she is performing oral sex, or he can tea bag her (That is drop his scrotum into her mouth as she sucks on it).
Instructions, Tips, and Techniques
1. With any woman on top position she can twist her hips for a different sensation.
2. The female can also choose the angle of penetration and can change the position by leaning backward or forward.
3. In this position the male starts with his back to the chair and the woman starts with her back to her partner. Furthermore, a female can "milk" a man's penis by using her vaginal muscles against his penis.
Instructions, Tips, and Techniques
1. When two people are engaging in intercourse in this position, the man can stimulate the female in many ways. Kissing, through leg stimulation, and caressing are a few options.
2. The female can also show her tender side by caressing his body as he thrusts.
Instructions, Tips, and Techniques
1. The make should start off by leaning back using his hands for support.
2. She can then place her hands on his legs as she straddles his body.
3. For different sensations, the female can change the angle of penetration by leaning back further.?
Instructions, Tips, and Techniques
1. Grab a chair and lean on your elbows on top of the chair.
2. The male should enter her from behind placing one hand on the chair and one hand on her hip.
3. In this position one of the females legs is on the ground and one is lifted and placed on his hip.
4. Note that having her leg straight out, bending it, or twisting her hips will change the angle of penetration.
Instructions, Tips, and Techniques
1. Start off with the female placing her feet on the base of the chair.
2. She should then place her hands on the ground for support.
3. The male will then straddle her body and bring her body close to hers and align his penis with her vagina.

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very nice

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How about these? <a href="">Sex Positions</a> They're all from the Kama Sutra, but I haven't really seen them before..

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