A guy discovers his girl for the first time  

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A guy discovers his girl for the first time

Dave Mathews was seventeen and was bored to death. The teacher was rambling on about magnetic fields and their effects on electron beams. Who the hell cares about electron beams anyway? He didn’t remember why he had opted for Physics. The tests were tough, the teacher was boring and his peers could have been carved out of stone.

Dave was not stupid. He got decent grades in all his classes without studying too hard. He particularly excelled at English. Writing stories was what he did best. He looked out of the window, wondering when the bell would ring. His eyes were drooping when his gaze fell on a lovely brunette sitting one desk to his left, one row in front of him.

Lovely was not the word Dave would use to describe her. Divine was more like it. Long brown hair that cascaded to her lower back, elegant eyebrows, deep hazel eyes, round lips that were currently adorned with pink lip-gloss, a soulful voice and a melodious laugh. Her body was heavenly, with a near-perfect chest (neither too small nor overly big), a slim hourglass figure, a nice and round backside and a pair of legs that seemed to go on forever. Those curves of hers had kept him wide-awake at night when he fantasized about her.

Now I remember why I’m in this God- forsaken class. He remembered sitting through Newman’s dull classes, staring at her, without any dirty thoughts, just staring at her. He was so mesmerized by the sight that he almost didn’t hear the bell. Almost. He quickly gathered his things and shoved them in his bag. Yes! Lunch, here I come. Beware the D-man! He made his way to the door and got out, relishing the sensation of freedom. He was heading for the cafeteria when he heard his name.

He turned around and found himself face-to-face with his dream girl. A blonde girl was standing besides her, eyeing him distastefully.

“Gwen, what’s up? Love your hair,” Dave said.

“Thanks. Love your … uh… shirt?” the brunette replied.

Dave laughed. Gwen Mitchels and him had been friends for nearly eight months now. They had met in Rodriguez’s English class. She was having difficulties writing her own stories and had needed a tutor. Since Dave was usually toping the class, Rodriguez had asked him to help her out. They had quickly become friends.

“The shirt sucks. Thanks for trying.”

“The shirt’s not the only thing that sucks,” the blonde muttered.

“Nice meeting you too, Sarah.”

“Meeting you is never nice,” Sarah Green replied acidly.

“So charming, as always. You should switch to decaf.”

Gwen had remained silent throughout the whole exchange. She had since long grown used to their constant snipping. “Enough, you two. Hey Dave, I’m having problems with that theme Rodriguez gave us. You think I could show up at your house for some prompting?”

“You mean you’ll show up with popcorn and chips and soda and watch me write your thing?”

“Exactly.” This was their private joke.

“Okay, be there at five. I’ll be a little busy.”

“Busy doing what? Chasing that old hag of a neighbor you have?” Sarah said, interrupting them as she used to.

“No, I’ll be with your mom in bed.”

Sarah’s nostrils flared and she looked like she would lash out. Dave was ready to rumble, tired of the insufferable little twat. Gwen stepped between them, breaking the moment’s mood.

“Guys, lighten up.”

Sarah and Dave still openly glared at each other but slowly looked away.

“I’ll be going. I have to eat,” Dave said as he retreated from the battlefield.

Gwen was looking at Sarah. Dave was walking briskly but was still able to hear their conversation, despite the noise around him.

“You’re not nice to him,” Gwen said.

“There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way,” Sarah replied defensively.

“He looks cute today. He should change his clothes more often.”

“He looks shitty, just like the other days. You should forget about him. You sound like you have a crush on him,” Sarah said disapprovingly.

“Maybe I do but…”

Dave was too far way to hear the rest but his heart skipped a beat. Gwen thinks I’m cute. Oh man, that’s GREAT. He was feeling euphoric when he sat down to eat his sandwiches. He felt for the first time since meeting her that he had the chance to ask her out. Gwen was drop-dead gorgeous but she didn’t have a boyfriend. She was very shy around boys she didn’t know and often wore baggy clothes that hid her well-proportioned seventeen-year-old body. Many guys thought she was fat or something like that, but Dave knew better. He had seen her in a few tight fitting outfits before. Once, she came to school wearing a pink and green miniskirt, a short-sleeved (and small) red shirt that gave a generous view of her cleavage and assorted bangles and shoes. His heart had gone pitter-patter when he had seen her, red blood cells racing throughout his body and to one particular spot between his legs. She was currently sporting blue baggy jeans, a loose white tee and sneakers. Not the kind of attire that would attract a lot of attention.

Five o’clock couldn’t come soon enough. Dave dressed appropriately in a pair of old jeans, a loose tee and slippers. He was feeling giddy and was overflowing with energy. There was finger food on the table in the living room and a few books scattered here and there. He heard a curt knock on the door and hastily went to open it. His eyes bulged out of their sockets.

Gwen was wearing a small white shirt that was almost transparent, a pair of tight green jeans, a small denim jacket and black Nikes. She wasn’t wearing any artifices like bangles or necklaces; she didn’t need to. The sun was behind her and gave her brown hair a golden aura. Dave was so stunned by her beauty that he was staring at her with his mouth hanging down and had an instant hard-on.

Fortunately, Gwen was looking the other way while he was drooling over her body. He adopted a detached attitude and stepped back, letting her in. Gwen gave him a small smile and went directly to the living room. He ran his hands through his neck length hair and took a deep breath. He walked to the room and settled on the sofa, next to Gwen.

They started to work, meticulously ploughing through the books in front of them, occasionally making small talk. After twenty minutes, Gwen started complaining about the temperature, telling him that she was feeling hot and needed a break. She took off her jacket and stretched. Dave tried hard not to stare. He could discern her breasts -round and creamy- through the shirt she wore. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Yep, it sure is hot in here , he thought. She got up and went in the kitchen to get some water.

“Say, were are your parents?”

“They’re at a party at my dad’s workplace. They’ll be back at ten or something like that.” Thank God for that.

They continued working for another half-hour before they took a break. Gwen leaned back and closed her eyes. Dave took advantage of the generous view of her chest. They ate quietly, enjoying the food when Gwen spoke.

“Do you have a girl friend?”

Dave was surprised but didn’t show it. He just looked at her. She turned to him.

“Do you?” she repeated.

“No. I’m working on it.”

“I’ve seen you hang out with Cassie Sheafer,” she said. He heard a trace of jealousy in her voice. Could this be happening? Was Gwen coming on to him?

“She’s just a friend.”

“Like me?” she asked.

Dave felt nervous. What did she mean? “No one’s like you,” he replied truthfully.

“That’s so sweet.” She looked at him, blushing slightly.

“I mean no one’s as stupid as you,” he said, smiling.

Gwen started to hit him. “ You’re the most aggravating guy I ever met!” she said angrily. Dave laughed and grabbed her hands. Their eyes made contact. They stared at each other for a long time before Dave spoke.

“Can I kiss you?”

In response, Gwen leaned towards him and pressed her luscious lips against his. He let go of her hands and cupped her face with his right hand while his left hand pulled her closer. Her arms wrapped around him, pulling him even closer. She kissed him with a hunger, a passion that seemed almost unnatural. Dave had kissed his share of girls but it had never felt so … right. So passionate and good. Gwen had never seemed so delicate, so tantalizing.

After a dozen eternities, they pulled back. Dave was trying to catch his breath. “I had a crush on you ever since I saw you in that hag’s class,” she whispered as she nibbled on his ear. She brushed his cheek with her lips. “I had a crush on you before I met you,” Dave replied. Gwen looked at him. Just looked at him. She leaned towards him again and grabbed him.

Their second kiss was even more intense than the first one. She threw herself over him, sitting on his lap, straddling him. She was holding his face in her hands while his were roaming to her lower back. She hungrily sucked on his lips, clearly not wanting to let go of him. His hands slid under her small shirt, lifting the rim up to her armpits, exposing those twin mounds of creamy flesh beneath the material. He could feel them pressing against his chest. Gwen shoved her tongue down his throat. He was taken aback but quickly recovered. He replied with equal intensity, eliciting a moan from Gwen. It was so good he never wanted to let her go. She released his face, still kissing him, and took his hands in hers. She lowered them to her belly and finally placed them above his head. He felt her pull back and reluctantly let go.

Gwen stood up, took his hands and led him to his bedroom. She closed the door, locked it and pulled the curtains. Dave had a pretty good idea what she wanted to do but didn’t want to press her or do something stupid. She turned to him and kissed him again. Not for long though, just a quick peck on the lips. She tasted like strawberry. She dropped on the bed and patted the sheets next to her. Dave took the hint and sat down beside her.

“This is a bit of a surprise for me,” Gwen said shyly.

“It’s a surprise for me too.”

“When did you say your folks would be back?” she asked coyly, knowing the answer fully well. She began to fiddle with her shirt’s buttons.

Dave could barely speak. He mumbled a few incoherent words then cleared his throat. “Around ten” was all he could muster. Gwen leaned towards him, drawing his mouth close. He could feel her breath on his lips. “That’s long enough,” she whispered.

She kissed him. His mind went blank, just like when he ate his mom’s homemade apple pie. So lost in the kiss was he that he didn’t feel her fingers on his shirt, slowly lifting it up. He opened his eyes and saw Gwen’s mischievous smile. She took his tee off and dropped it on the floor then turned back to him. He could see her eyes flicker across his well-built body (despite the small fat deposit).

“Nice,” she said.

“I work out sometimes,” he replied in an off-hand manner and a shrug.

She put her hands on his torso and pressed them against it. She kissed him again and licked his lips. “Lie down,” she ordered. He obediently lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling. He heard something unzip and felt his jeans being taken off his hairy legs. He was impatiently waiting for what was going to happen. His hard-on was tenting his boxers. He felt a fingernail caress the tip through the fabric and slide to the elastic band that kept it confined. The boxers were taken off with a quick jerk.

He raised his head and looked at her. She was hesitating, her mouth not far from his dick’s head. “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know what to do,” she said, with no slight amount of blushing.

“Do whatever you want,” Dave said, still not wanting to rush. He had waited for so long for this to happen that he wasn’t going to ruin the moment by doing a mistake. He put his head back on the pillow and closed his eyes. He didn’t see Gwen smile at his confidence in her almost non-existent skills.

He felt her hot breath on his cock and seconds later, her lips. She kissed the tip and put the head past her lips. At first Dave didn’t feel anything until her tongue started running over the head, sending sparks to his brain. He had never experienced something so good before. Her mouth started moving up and down in a rhythmic movement, slowly but surely engulfing the whole of his manhood, drawing out a long moan from his lips. He was just a modest and average six inches long but his length allowed her to take it all in her hot mouth. She continued bobbing up and down along his hard shaft, picking up speed. He was in heaven, feeling like a thousand fingernails were caressing his every nerve, sending bolts of pleasure soaring directly to his brain.

Gwen started to use her hands more often than her mouth and tongue. He was surprised that he hadn’t cummed yet. It seemed that she was becoming more experienced with each passing second. He felt his seed start to boil in his testicles. He put his hands on Gwen’s head and tried to force her off his dick. She didn’t seem to want to let go but he couldn’t afford to cum now. He gently lifted her face up and looked her in the eye.

“Not now.” Gwen looked disappointed but relaxed and leaned back, resting on her palms. “Lie down and close your eyes. It’s my turn now.” Gwen did so with a small smile on her beautiful lips.

Dave leaned on her, kissing her neck, cheek, ear, hair, collarbone, kissing just about everything he could. He inhaled her hair’s scent: cinnamon. His hands slowly crept to her shirt’s buttons. He undid them with excruciating slowness, keeping the fabric over her soft breasts, covering those magnificent mammary glands. He undid them all and unzipped her jeans before looking at her face. She was still smiling blissfully, waiting for what was coming.

He slowly parted the cotton shirt and gazed lovingly at the twin mounds of flesh on her chest. He tried to take her shirt off but chose against it; she looked much prettier with than without it. He only let the white material fall to her sides. He leaned towards them, blowing on them softly, watching Goosebumps form on the flesh. He took the right breast in his mouth, marvelling at its warmth. He gently sucked and licked it, occasionally scraping it with his teeth, eliciting long moans from Gwen. He was careful not to touch the left breast. He continued the gentle treatment then became more forceful, sucking on it harder, using his teeth more often, almost brutalizing it. Suddenly he pulled back and clamped his mouth over the left breast.

He nibbled on the nipple and watched it go erect. He started the same treatment he had used before. Slow, gentle and careful, then fast, hard and brutal. Gwen seemed to be enjoying it, judging by the number of moans coming from her. His skills were also growing by the minute. He slowly took his mouth off the no-longer-soft flesh beneath him and started massaging Gwen’s chest. His hands methodically rubbed and squeezed her breasts, sometimes twitching the nipples. Gwen started shuddering and he pulled back, watching her face contort with what he thought was pleasure. He hadn’t even started.

When the shuddering recessed, his hands inched towards her jeans. He took them off as gently as he could and set them on the floor. Gwen was wearing pink panties, fastened at both ends with small knots. He untied them and took them. The scent of her sweet nectar almost overwhelmed him. He pressed his face against her pussy, enjoying the scent. He saw a small tuft of brown hair and playfully tugged on it then got to business.

He licked the small bit of skin protruding out and sucked on it for a while. He then parted her lips slightly with his fingers and plunged his tongue inside her. He lapped at her pussy for some time, taking all his time. His used his fingers to rub her clit, up and down, then in small circles, all the while using his tongue. He felt Gwen’s hands press his head to her opening, urging him on. He doubled his licking speed and made wider and wider circles with his fingers. He felt her stiffen then suddenly his face was flooded with sweet smelling nectar. Gwen was arching her back like a cat, holding his head between her legs.

Dave lapped as much liquid as he could before withdrawing, trying to catch his breath. He looked at Gwen, a smile on his boyish face. Her face was red and she was panting like a dog. “Come here, you,” she said, pulling him close and kissing him full on the lips. Her tongue moved around in his mouth, tasting her own juice. Dave realized they were both almost as naked as the day they were born. They were both wearing white socks and Gwen still had her white shirt on. It turned him on to see her almost nude in that small thing.

They kissed for some time, hands roaming over each other’s body. Gwen lied down on the bed in a suggestive pose, a naughty glint in her eyes. He was oh-so-tempted but managed to hold back. “I’m not doing anything without protection,” he said, with a resolute expression. Gwen pouted a bit, making her lower lip jut out in a petulant manner. She reached for her pants and withdrew five condoms from her back pocket. She threw them to Dave.

“Just in case.”

“You carried those things every time you came to meet me or was it just this once?”

“Just this once.”

Dave tore open one of the packages and slipped the thin rubber over his raging erection. He placed the other four condoms on his bed table and slid to Gwen. She kissed him and positioned him over her, missionary style. He put his head over the slit, playfully rubbing the tip against her clit. He finally slid the head inside her, stopping when he encountered her hymen.

“This is gonna hurt like a bitch from what I hear.”

Gwen looked at him with those big, round eyes and bit her lower lip, resolved to accept the pain. She nodded once, gripping his shoulder tightly. Dave locked his gaze with hers and pushed.

She muffled a scream and bit her lip more forcefully. He felt her hands clutch his shoulders more fiercely. She shivered then laid still, silent tears running down her cheeks. He kissed her, hoping to take away some of her pain. He remained motionless, giving her time to recover and adjust to the invader. Her tears recessed and she wiped them from her eyes. She kissed him and nodded once more.

Dave did not have much experience. In fact, he had none. He decided to move in and out of her slowly, to avoid more injury. He used his hips to thrust more vigorously. Gwen started moaning. He kept his pace, trying his best to please her and keep from cumming too soon. He kept experimenting, finding new ways to pleasure her. She put her legs around his hips, accompanying him in his thrusts. They moaned in harmony, bodies locked in a passionate embrace. The missionary position was basic but most enjoyable for a first roll in the hay.

He finally reached his peak, thrusting faster and harder. Gwen was also quickly getting ready to climax. She moaned louder, gyrated her hips to get more pleasure. He felt his cum rush to the tip of his penis, erupting out and splashing against the rubber material. He pressed himself against Gwen’s body, feeling her shudder uncontrollably, feeling her pussy become hotter until she finally exploded with a loud moan, sending her juice running out of her opening and against the meat inside her. They were both sweaty, bodies still hot, skin burning with desire for each other. Dave glanced at the digital clock on the bed table: Six twenty-seven. He rolled off Gwen and took off the condom, throwing it in a litter basket. They lay next to each other, trying to catch their breath, still under the effect of their first time together.

He stroked her breasts, sensing how hard they were. She kissed him long and deep, as if rewarding him for this wonderful experience. They still had plenty of time; Gwen had phoned home earlier to tell her parents she would be staying till late.

“How was it?” he asked, sliding his right hand to her belly.

“Great,” she replied, taking his hand in hers. She squeezed it and kissed the tip of his fingers.

“I think I need to rest.”

She pouted. “Who’ll take care of me?”

“The delivery guy.”

She smacked him on his head, stopping his laughter abruptly. Then she turned her back to him and curled into a ball. “I’m not talking to you anymore,” she said in a girlish voice.

Dave grabbed a towel and dried himself then slid back into bed. His right hand settled on her exposed hip and squeezed the soft flesh beneath. His hand moved to her belly, going up, to her beautiful breasts, caressing them with the tip of his fingers, making his lover shiver again.

She batted his hand away and curled more tightly, trying to deny him access to her twins. Well, if she wanted to play…. He caressed the soles of her feet, making her giggle. He moved up, along her leg until he reached her thighs. He paused for effect and moved to her hip. He snuggled closer to her, wrapping his right arm around her waist, leaving his hand on her belly. His cock was pressing between her cheeks, ready for any further action.

He heard her breathing accelerate. The proximity of his body was turning her on, he could tell. His hand creeped to her flower, covering it with his palm. He slowly separated his fingers, using each one to rub her clit. He rubbed and squeezed softly, gradually picking up speed. He slipped one finger inside her, exploring her. She moaned and closed her legs, trying vainly to stop him. He inserted another finger. He pumped them in and out, slowly at first then fast then he stopped altogether. He slid a third finger and rubbed the walls, moving his fingers faster. Gwen was panting now, pushed over the edge by the three fingers working inside her. She uttered a log, drawn-out moan as she had her third orgasm of the night.

Love juice drenched his fingers, running down her legs. Dave licked them, tasting her intimate secretion and scooped some in his wet fingers and brought them to Gwen’s open mouth. She grabbed his hand and sucked it dry before moving it to her hole again. Dave playfully pinched her clit.

“Still won’t talk to me?”

“All right, I give up. I want you. Now,” she said, turning to him and kissing him, passing her tongue over his. He tasted the juice still in her mouth. He broke the kiss and kissed her collarbone. “Roll onto your stomach.” She executed herself and waited. ‘Now, lift your ass in the air. Use your arms and legs for support. Good girl,” he added when she had finished.

He moved behind her and slipped on another condom. He rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy, teasing her. He finally slipped in when she said “Do it already!” He pushed himself in until his balls touched her bum then moved his right hand to her clit and started rubbing it as he moved in and out at an oh-so-slow pace. His left hand found its way to her asshole. He rubbed the skin around her anal entry in circles, occasionally touching the opening itself.

Gwen was silently bucking her hips, accompanying him in his motion. He was not “hung like a fucking horse, nearly twelve inches long” and his dick wasn’t “as big as a soda can, with bulging veins along its shaft” but there was something else between him and Gwen, the passion of the moment, that made them feel so goddamn great.

He began to thrust faster, making her moan louder. His finger circled her clit with more pressure, his other hand slipping to the entrance of her ass. He quickly shoved his finger inside and heard Gwen cry out. It was quickly replaced with deep moans and ragged breathing. He worked his finger inside her, pressing it against the walls.

He could feel his cock move through the delicate skin as he thrust still faster. He knew he wouldn’t cum too quickly. His finger was now up to his knuckles inside her. He moved it around, feeling her anal walls. Gwen moaned louder. He slowed his pace and played with her. His fingers were working her up, making her mad with desire. He stopped moving and only used his fingers. She bucked her hips, still wanting more. Dave slid a second finger inside her ass, trying not to hurt her in the process. He didn’t want to go into her ass, at least not right now.

His two fingers were furiously moving in and out of her. He applied more pressure on her clit and slipped two fingers inside her. He felt his cock and her walls, rubbing them gently. She was still moving her hips, compensating for his slowness. He continued his game until she spoke.

“Do me or else I’ll scream bloody murder! The cops will come and ruin our good time!” she threatened. She started ranting about jail and her parents when Dave suddenly removed all his fingers and started to thrust forcefully, again in control. Gwen’s voice was cut abruptly as she was penetrated once again. She bucked more fiercely, moaned louder and started to shake her head. Dave was nearing his climax. Sensing this, Gwen doubled her efforts. The combined motion made the bed rattle and move back and forth.

Dave couldn’t take it anymore. He let out a loud grunt as his seed emptied inside the condom. Gwen was louder, not quite screaming her delight but making noise nonetheless. It wasn’t one of those “earth-shattering screams” he had read about on the net. She didn’t “make noise that woke the whole block” or “make the windows rattle with the force of her voice”. You couldn’t hear anything outside but anyone in the living room would be getting a live show.

They remained in the doggie position, Dave kissing her neck and back, gently rubbing and squeezing her clit while Gwen hung her head and tried to catch her breath. He finally slid out and slumped on his back. Gwen took the condom off and proceeded to clean his dick. Her mouth felt great. He threw the used rubber in the bin, cleaned his fingers with the towel and glanced at the clock: ten past seven. His dick was shrinking when Gwen backed off.

She rolled on him and kissed him. He ran his hands through her silky hair, once again marvelling at his luck. They kissed long and deep. He inhaled her scent and caressed her soft alabaster skin. He rubbed her breasts, making her moan. They played with each other for another half hour or so when Dave started to get hard again. Gwen grinned and slipped a condom on him.

He smiled and threw her on the bed. He climbed on her and was inside her in one thrust. This was no longer lovemaking but plain fucking. He moved with renewed vitality, thrusting harder and faster than ever. The bed squeaked and rattled. Gwen laughed and racked his back with her long fingernails, wrapping her legs tightly around him as he pounded her relentlessly. The pain turned him on even more. Gwen was either laughing or moaning or doing a combination of both. He was able to hold himself for a relatively long time, this being his third fuck of the night.

He was shoving himself in and out of her for nearly twenty minutes when he felt his balls tighten. Gwen had thrown her head back and arched her back with ecstasy. Her mouth was open and ragged moans came out, as if she couldn’t keep up with him. He thrust one last time and grunted loudly as the remnant of his cum rushed outside and hit the sheath. Gwen squealed with delight as she had yet another orgasm.

Totally spent, Dave rolled off her and ripped off the condom. It hit the bin with a wet splat. They lay side-by-side and panted wildly, sweat drenching them and the bed. He looked between her legs and saw for the first time the blood on the sheet. Concern filled his eyes and he looked at his lover. She laid a finger on his lips, shushing him. She kissed him again and got up.

“I’m going to clean myself. Where’s the bathroom?”

“Second door to right of the stairs.”

She smiled mischievously. “Can you show me? I might need a hand to wash my back.”

Dave was up in an instant, grabbing her hand and practically running to the shower. They washed themselves and Gwen tried to suck his cock back to life but failed. They dried themselves, dressed and went downstairs. They worked on their homework for an hour or so then settled back into the couch. They kissed and snuggled closer, wrapping their arms around each other. Gwen slid her right leg onto his left thigh, trapping him against her, not an altogether unpleasant experience. They remained locked in this position, lips never far from each other until eight o’clock.

Dave was hungrily sucking on the skin at the base of her neck while she closed her eyes and laid a hand on his head, keeping him there. He stopped and looked at her.

“It’s late. Your parents must be worried.”

“My parents are always worried.”

He stroked her auburn her hair lovingly and kissed her. “I don’t want you getting in trouble.” He sat up, forcing her to sit straight. Their clothes were all rumpled but she till looked so damn beautiful to him. He walked her to the door and they said their goodbyes.

Her hand was on the knob when he turned her around, slammed her against the door and kissed her passionately, running his hands through her straight hair. She grabbed his head and neck and pulled him closer, hungrily kissing him back. They remained unmoving -save for their lips- for an eternity before he let her go.

She smiled, opened the door and was gone. He rushed upstairs, took the sheets to the laundry room and threw the condoms in the bin outside. He returned to the living room and plopped down on the couch. He traced the outline of her body on the cushions and sighed. What a night….

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