You know, nothing's more fun...  

pluscachange2004 49M
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9/13/2005 11:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

You know, nothing's more fun...

...than being stood up for lunch. Had the time, the place, the date, all confirmed with her, she tells me how much she wants to meet me etc, so I was looking forward to it. Today arrives, I'm dressed to the nines, looking forward to a trip to downtown Columbus, and I'm informed that she'd forgotten all about me and our date, in those words. Yeah. Great.

Really makes a guy feel special.

And another day drifts away into the mists of time.

Listening to Evanescence right now. Amy Lee has a beautiful voice, too bad there aren't more talented singers out there like her. So much fluff, so much fake. Plastic and artificial automatons belting out crappy corporate driven music without meaning or talent. She's different. Real, tangible and with a soul.

I'm attempting to flirt with one of the girls in chat right now, but I have no idea if she's looking for somebody or if she's just a chat-chick. She's described me in her "what I'm looking for", and she knows it, and I know it. We'll see where it leads, if anywhere.

I don't know why I'm rambling.

pussinboots4u 49M/47F

9/14/2005 12:16 pm

Evanescence is awesome! I've been listening to Sarah McLaughlin lately too - she's got an awesome voice, also.

pluscachange2004 49M
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9/15/2005 11:02 am

Sarah is nice actually pussinboots. So few actual performers left out there. From what I can tell the music industry has fallen prey to the same twisted disease that Hollywood fell to a while back, that is, everybody and anybody must be one of the Beautiful People. Don't get me wrong, I'm all into beauty, probably much more than most guys (or women) because I'm a writer and a published poet. But there comes a point where beauty only goes so far and talent has to take over. Put another way, Patsy Cline, who had a superlative voice, would never break into the business today, nor would Hank Williams Senior. Not to mention The Beatles (come on, except for Paul and maybe Ringo they weren't "cute", they were average).

I'm a huge fan of "ugly actors", fwiw. Steve Buscemi, Dennis Hopper, Anthony Hopkins, and others who need talent and not looks to make it. And they're rare. Mostly we get pretty boys and gorgeous women all without an ounce of talent. Same with music now. Sorry, but in real life, most of the best singers look average to downright ugly. That's why the excelled at singing or music, they were rejected from the cliques in school and turned to what they know with a focus nobody ever rejected at that level could dream of. Truth.

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