Beautiful day today  

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9/1/2005 5:08 am

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Beautiful day today

The rain broke and the sun is now officially here to state in the great state of Ohio! It's going to be gorgeous today, mid 80's, a perfect end of summer time. So of course I have to take the car into the shop for maintenance. The emissions valve is starting to go, and if it does, then the engine will start stalling, like even on the highway, and that is A Bad Thing. $550 simolians just to get a small valve replaced. Outrageous, but it's what the market will bear. I'm just glad I normally ride my bicycle in lieu of driving or I'd probably be drowning in car repain bills right now.

Spoke with the cutey down the road from me on YIM yesterday, she called up hinting for me to come over and meet her in her office for an, ahem, private meeting (double ahem), but then got called to a meeting herself. By the time she was back it was time for my kids to show up from school, so that didn't fly. Fate thy hand is cruuuuuuel.

Don't know what's going on today after I get back. I'll check YIM and if cutey is available maybe set something up. If not, no biggie the bicycle is calling me and Olentangy beach is just down the road. Not to mention that today is chest/bicep day at the gym for me, so there's that too. We'll see.

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