Friday Fuck Day again...  

plsplush37 48F
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8/4/2006 1:46 pm
Friday Fuck Day again...

I made plans to meet up with someone last night that I met off here . Had some Fun .
Came home around 2 o'clock a.m. , woke up with my regular Man knocking on my door. Am always happy to see him as he knows how to make me "Scream" .He is so damn gorgeous .

I posted some advice questions that apparently I didn't write too well. Got a few hits .I too have to LOOK at a person before finding them attractive enough to have Sex with them , I was looking for some feed back on this and got it , boy did I ... Sarcasm is hard to express when writing.

My own low self esteem ;
I find it bewildering how many Men and a few Women actually do find "ME" attractive and was the thoughts behind my questions , I wanted to know how people would respond to admitting they do have a need for looks before having any deeper , physical contact .
I have been told by a lot that it is my character and the way I carry myself is what they find sexy .
It's just been a year since I've been back in the "Adult World" and is feeling wonderful.

Thankyou to all that have attributed to my healing.

Am anticipating a three some next week , My first. Hmmm???

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