Today I saw a ghost! But she is one of this world!  

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11/30/2005 9:50 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Today I saw a ghost! But she is one of this world!

My day started the same as any other day, first I had to run to Bloomington to visit my Doctor (relax, nothing ailing me) then back home to work, picked up my partner and we went to a Trades show that is held annually in Peoria. It took about an hour to get there from home. Plenty of time to think about all the trips we made to this show over the last 11 years. One year, 95 maybe, I remember he counld not go so I took my girlfriend (who I was engaged to and living with at the time), and my right hand man, to the trades show otherwise my partner and I have always gone.
We are almost done with walking around between all the booths and equipment and are talking to our computer dealer and one of our business associates when off in the distance an image catches my eye, not looking startled, I casually glanced back. I was too far to see for sure, but I could feel who she was. I continued listening to the conversation between my peers shrugging it off as a case of mistaken identity, besides she was about fifty feet away and I have not seen her since fall of 97. Over the next couple minutes I find myself looking more and more towards her confirming what I already know. Even though I am now staring, she or no one else notices with all the people walking through and the fact that she is trying to contain a child while the people she are with were all talking amongst themselves. From the looks of things I would say she was with her husband and in-laws. I was told a couple of years ago by her sister; she married and had a kid. He and his family are in the same profession as we are in, and a lot of people brought their families. My partner finishes what he was talking about and we go to start to walk out from behind a display. Now exposed, I feel her notice my presence. We have to walk by them to get to where we are going and my associate is clueless to what is going on and I can not tell him without being obvious. As I casually walk by I see her look with a face of recognition. I look her dead in the eyes as I start to pass; I hear her voice say in a timid faint voice “hello”. Not breaking my stride, I looked ahead as if her voice fell on deaf ears and I only saw a stranger.
How is that two people can become one, in a sense, and truly love and care for each other, only to fuck things up so bad. I dated, slept with, a flood of women after breaking up with her to try to fill hole that she left. It took me four years before I could love again.

BuxomFrau 44

12/1/2005 5:12 am

It's amazing. You were having an ordinary when the extraordinary happened. And not in a great way, either. As painful as the relationship ending was for you, the good news is that you are able to love again and move forward. Eventually, if you want to, you'll find that one person that was really ment for you and share a bond you didn't know was possible.

But yeah. I understand when you say you saw a ghost. When you see someone from the past, that left such an imprint on really does seem like it. Hope the incident doesn't knock you off your stride too much.

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