The next door neighbour...  

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11/24/2005 1:34 am

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The next door neighbour...

was trying for the life of me to figure out why the bloody car rattles when i just had the engine mounting replaced this morning when my married, bored and skimpily dressed next door neighbour came out to fetch the paper.

being the perpetually horny young man that i am, i offered her a cup of coffee and a friendly chat as she waited for her kids to get ready for school.

for a 35year old stay at home mom.. shes got the figure of angelina jolie and the wit of jennifer anistons character rachel in friends.
and yes, before all u hecklers out there accuse me of fabricating this tale.. she does exist. how can i prove this? cos shes prefect... and MARRIED! how many perfect woman do u know are still single?

anywho.. we get to chatting and she says all the right things (hows uni; are the girls still chasing me; i should write more to me folks; if i ever need to chat, her doors always open..) and even manages to flash those perly whites as if EVERYONE in the morning felt at the top of their game.

it was 8:30am when she said she had to takes the kids to school but she would be back to supervise my car servicing skills as soon as she dropped em off and showered for the day.
the thought of her long legs in the shower didnt help one bit subdue my already stubborn 'morning glory'.
luckily i was behind the drivers side and managed a solemn nod while manouvering towards the rear of the car.

9:30 came and went and so did her husband. now i quite like the bloke. hes funny, always chats up a conversation when he sees me and has invited me to all of their backyard bbq's.
but (god help me), i would have jumped in the sack with his wife if she even whispered the word infidelity.

after resigning to the fact that mrs. jarvis was NOT coming back as promised i washed the car, had a shower and changed for uni (which was to start in 20 minutes and i was already running late). as i backed the car out of the driveway, mrs jarvis (or sarah, as she likes me to call her cos 'im a 'friend' not a student') came out of her house with a very disaproving look on her face. the following is as close to the real conversation as i can remember:

sarah: ditching me soo soon are u daniel? what happened to our party date? i was looking so forward to seeing you under that hood.

me: want to go inside and fuck?
-pause- k, so i didnt really say that, but i was thinking it.

me: sorry ma'am, but i waited as long as i could. i thought u stood me up, im still recovering from the pain.

sarah: (she smiles first.. what a fucking gorgeous smile)oh well, i guess you better go then, someone needs to design the roads and bridges i get driven on.

me: i could stay if u want. u DID say u wanted to see my servicing skills.

-now believe me, i DID not say that in a flirtacious way. it just CAME OUOT LIKE THAT. HONEST-

sarah: only if u dont mind spenind some time with an old lady. (she smiled again).

as i drove the car back up the driveway hoping i wouldnt get a woody i felt the familiar rush one gets when they'r dancing with a chick on the floor of a club, tis almost closing time and u know if u dont make an impressive move AT THAT MOMENT.. ur probably jerking off for the rest of the night.

so i got out of the car, opened the garage door and jogged in to get the table, two glasses, coke and a deck chair. (yea, i used to be a waiter.. i can multitask
so everything all set, my tools out of the shed.. i thought id milk the general oil , radiator fluid replacement and water check for as long as i could ad then tinker with the fanbelt that needed to be replaced anyway.

we struck up the usual 'talking about nothing' conversation which we usually did when she came to the usual 'and who might be the new love interest of your life at this moment in time danny?' question.
i was actually in a casual relationship that week and told her all about the beautiful anny -law post-graduate student. this girl had a rack that would probably make pamela anderson look like a 10 year old boy but the best part was that she was a screamer.

sarah: oh, so thats where those moans were coming from on tuesday. (she grinned.. which is like one of her smiles but almost makes u cum in ur pants)

me: well, u know.. we aim to please (after saying this i almost blushed, which is a har dthing for me to do)

at this point the conversation focused on how i was gifted from above with the ability to make a woman sound lke that. it was all said in a joking tone, but the sight of sarah there with her short-shorts and white singlet were starting to make me want to find cover for my nether regions.

as i bent over the engine to try and pry the fan belt off the mounting i felt a hand on my arse. it wasnt doing anything, didnt move when i backed into it... sarah just kept it there.
now, for those of u that know me... would know that at this moment id take it off me arse, and try to cop a feel of the chick before she came to her senses. but i left the hand there and slowly turned around until 'mrs. jarvis's hand was resting on a quite stiff and willing member.

she smiled her smile again and the only thing i could do was think of getting her in the bedroom.

sarah: im interested in the theory behind your moan-making partners. what buttons of theirs do u exactly press?

me: well sarah, im more of a practical person myself. i find its more of a trial and error kind of thing. lots of trial, and little error.

att his point she squeezed the tip of my cock and i knew it was on! i WAS NOT GOING TO SPEND THE REST OF THE DAY IN A COLD SHOWER!!

so, i took her hand off my member and slowly led her towards the garage door. once we were in the garage, i was mentally racking me brains to try and remember if i had any condoms in the house while trying to remember the way to the bedroom. it was then that sarah stopped me, pressed the button to close the garage and started unbuttoning ehr short-shorts.
i quickly took off my shit (ripping a coupla of buttons in the process) and slid out of my i was getting to my pants she pulled me closer until my bare chest was touching her erect nipples that poked through her singlet.

i got the message and removed her singlet while she worked off my pants with the prescison of a blind, seasoned pickpocket.
as i removed her bra (2 seconds flat - yes, i am gifted with the touch ) she arched her back pushing her black panties against jonny-boy who was already protruding from my jocks. i lost the underwear and proceeded to go down on her and remove her fabric with the use of my teeth.

as they slid down toward her ankles i was already blowing soft breaths against her thighs. she was shaven with a little bit of bush just above the clit itself. i hadnt even touched her and her knees started to tremble. i licked the lips of her pussy gently, teasing her... promising a penetration that would never come.

at this point she grabbed my head and pushed my entire tongue toward her pussy and it took all the effort i had to not put my tongue in her.
this must have gone on for 10minutes until she suddenly got fed up and said the three words most couples rarely ever say to each other:
'make me moan'.

it was at this moment i put my tongue all the way in her. she was already wet from the struggle of getting me in her but when the moment came she was ready. she started gyrating her hips with the rythm of my tongue until she was ready to cum. but then she'd be done... and my reputation would have been spoilt.

so i pulled out, grabbed a kleenex from my shirt pocket and wiped my half wet face.
she looked at me in horror as if i had suddenly developed morals and was stopping her from experiencing the big O.
but, my dear reader, i am a gentleman.. and i would never deny a woman such a right.

naked, i walked towards her and kissed her, forcing my tongue to probe hers while all the while rubbing my balls against her pussy. i had never seen sarah so crazy before (but then again i hadnt ever seen her naked either, so i was just enjoying all these new things). when she could take no more, she forced me to my knees and then onto my back and with the force of a a woman NOT her size, she forced my erect cock into her moist, warm, soft pussy.
i swear if this was my first time having sex i would have cum ON THE SPOT.
she started gyrating her thighs with me inside her and started cooing while biting her bottom lip. i tried to push her off but she had me down. i tried again, but she just fucked harder.

finally, while trying not to think of the haven my cock was in i managed a roll getting her on the bottom and me on top. she gasped cos she wasnt expecting it and cos with her legs wide open i managed to get the entire length of my cock inside her.

i looked her in the eye and fucked her like i fucked when i was in love with this french exchange student in year 10. 3 minutes into the fuck-a-thon... she whispered :im going to come danny.

i nodded, held her head in my hands and carried the fuck on. as she came she let out a muffled gasp and then stiffend as she reached for my back.

as soon as she was done i pulled out and started sucking like i never sucked in my life on the lips of her pussy while probing her with my tongue at regular intervals. she was soaking and i was ready to cum.

so i mounted her again, held her legs above my head and set out to finish what we started what seemed like hours ago.
as i reached my climax i heard her say:

shit, i think im going to cum again. wait for my baby, help me cum. wait till i cum danny. fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...

(u get the gist).

so whith all my might i slow down and aim for a slow, methodically rythm thatle get her there again and help me cool off.
it was at this point she grabbed the back of me arse with both her hands and started rocking. i couldnt hold it anylonger so started to fuck harder and faster trying to push in when she was pushing out so every motion caused friction.
and then it came: 'ooh, yea, mmmmmmm, aaaaah, oawhhhhh'

sarah started moaning.

i looked at her and she smiled that smile. just as i was about to pass out, i fucked even harder and came all the way in her without a condom.
at that PRECISE moment, sarah tightened, gasped and yelled YES as she came for the second time for the afternoon.

we were filthy from all the greese on the garage floor... but very content indeed.

i live in a culdesac. there are about 6 single moms on this street.

1 down...

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