what a night  

pleaseme94 50F
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9/30/2005 3:57 pm

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2/16/2015 2:37 am

what a night

we booked into the motel around 5pm, ran a hot bubble bath & relaxed, hubby brought me in a madori splice,I shaved my legs & pussy until they I was silky smooth..
I dressed in my gold lace G string & matching bra. Hubby handed me another drink, there was a knock at the door..I answered it, MR X looked at me standing there in my G string and smiled, we made small talk & I offered him a drink, as we talked I could feel his gaze on my body, hubby was already hard. When MR x went to the bathroom hubby kissed me passionately & put his fingers in my pussy, he took full advantage of the situation, Mr x returned to watch the show.
I gave Mr x a dazzling smile & layed in the middle of the bed, he didn't waist any time, MR x was fucking me as if he had never been fucked before, at the same time I was running my tongue up hubby long thick cock, sucking & flicking, I massaged his balls until he filled my mouth with his warm cum x blew at the same time.
there was something about the night, we could not get enough, I sat up on hubby cock, while he pinched & teased my nipples, he told me to lean forward and I did, Mr x needed no invitation, he slid into my arce, we fucked in harmony until we all came. We layed together for a few minutes catching our breath.
I got up & finished my drink, they were both laying on the bed, waiting .... I took Mr x's cock in my hand, I ran my tongue up & down his shaft, I flicked the head with my tongue before sucking each of his balls, I sucked & flicked the head of his cock while my hands massaged his arse & ball's I could feel his cock pulsate under my touch.
I stopped sucking his cock & turned to hubby's, doing exactly the same thing, while I was busy with hubby Mr x walked behind me and slid his cock into my pussy from behind, WHAT A FEELING...
He was determined to give me that earth shattering orgasm I wanted, he licked his finger and fucked my arse at the same time, again we all cum together.
We fucked until after midnight.
we were all exhausted but totally satisfied.
he shook hubby hand & said thanks,I walked Mr x to the door, where he kissed me goodnight, he
said "you are drop dead gorgeous, unbelievable"
Needless to say, hubby was still hard, so we made love before falling asleep entwined in each others arms.

Please me

runnergirl73 44F

9/30/2005 7:11 pm


rm_Carlos4UNOW 42M
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10/6/2005 4:14 pm

Hi there. Greetings from Carlos. Wow!!!
I sure would love to get an invite to that Motel then!
Sounds like Mr x was one very lucky S.O.B. !
You do seem to be one very seductive woman, a woman
I'd love to pleasure all day/night!

All the best and hope to hear from you real soon senorita.



funtimes_68 48M
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11/15/2005 3:35 am

Hi there
That would be a night to remember
Lucky Mr X
I too would love to meet you at a motel and have some fun.
You sound like one very hot lady who likes to be pleased etc.
Hope to meet you soon

rm_hayeg42 52M

1/2/2006 10:22 am

you are not only a great woman .. but a fantastic writer...You know how to express your feelings nad describe it as well .. You must be a talented lady.. love to meet you and share the same experience..

southcoast_guy 42M
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1/17/2006 8:17 am

hhow does someone like me get to be next

xxxdiscreetxxx2 41M

1/30/2007 2:43 am

the mood was captured, im hoping for your sake, would love to be Mr T, no i havent a mowhawk, i just love T boning

rm_Funtimes1003 56M
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2/15/2007 3:10 pm

What an earth shattering experience that would be with a gorgeous hot woman like you. Fantasy cum true

oralfun4uandmore 53M

5/23/2007 12:36 pm

what a great night and so well written we all can believe we where there as MR x hope i one day i maybe
u look wonderful and have a very lucky hubby who also knows how to share his good fortune
i hope u have more adventures and we can get to read about them
also hope that we can be written about in one of ur adventures of the future
look me up if u need someone mmm

waggaguy44 39M
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9/6/2007 10:22 pm

i wanna be mr x

rm_achance70 46M
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11/27/2007 3:10 am

Hi Christmas is coming up if your in the spirit of giving.

heterosapien61 56M

6/28/2008 5:02 am

What a night, indeed! You folks really have some stamina - I'd love to meet you, but I don't know if I could keep up with you .
Thanks for sharing your story.

justtryme0800 37M
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11/9/2010 7:17 pm

hey there,

text me if your interested.



Bazisback 58M
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11/20/2010 3:02 pm

Will you be travelling to Alice anytime soon?

quoted59 49M

1/12/2011 2:30 am

Hi there, I am making my way up to Darwin and would be most pleased if I could be so unlucky as to enjoy this type of experience. please check out my profile and see if you are interested.

Allcum70 46M

10/26/2011 8:48 pm

Wish I was a fly on that wall or next in line...

SnatchBanditYo 26M
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12/31/2016 5:01 pm

Incredibly descriptive post! You have certainly changed my perspective on mature ladies in a very positive way! Would do any thing to see some webcam of you or meet you in the flesh when if your ever free 😘

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