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4/5/2005 2:23 pm

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She could feel the heat and the moisture of his mouth against her skin. Madison trembled, remembering what he had done that first night. If she gave in now, he would gain a hold on her. But she wanted to feel that again. Her cheeks burned as she opened her legs. Seth's hand slipped between her thighs and she gasped when his fingers touched her.

It wasn't what she wanted, but he knew that. Madison's body tightened in anticipation as his mouth traveled slowly down over her belly. His arms hooked around her thighs, lifting her hips up off the table. She moaned softly at the first touch of his mouth. Seth's tongue brushed her clit, teasing her briefly, then began long, slow strokes over swollen flesh. Madison's fingernails scraped at the tabletop, digging small furrows into the wood.

His tongue teased and tasted, sliding inside her. She writhed in his hold, her hips lifting to press against his mouth. When Seth's lips closed around her clit and sucked, Madison cried out. She closed her eyes, shuddering in climax. But he didn't stop. Even as she trembled with the aftershocks of pleasure, he continued with long, teasing strokes of his tongue. She let out a cry each time his tongue dragged over her clit.

Madison buried her fingers in his hair, holding his mouth against her. Her other hand gripped the table so hard that her knuckles turned white. She forgot herself completely, throwing her head back and arching her back off the table. Her body was so sensitive that before long she was coming again. Madison didn't realize that his name escaped her lips as she came. She didn't know anything except the sweet sensations racing along her nerves.

Seth pulled away at last, lowering her hips back to the table. She lay there, limp and panting, not sure she could move even if she wanted to. Madison felt his body settle over hers, felt his mouth teasing her breasts. She realized, only then, that she had her fingers in his hair. Startled, she released her hold on him and opened her eyes. Seth wasn't paying attention to her face. His mouth worked restlessly against her breasts. Madison sighed and closed her eyes, letting herself enjoy it for a few more moments.

"Feel better, Maddy?" Seth asked quietly.

"Mmm," Madison murmured. She half opened her eyes and looked at him. Damn him, she thought, biting her lip. He had to be right. She had needed that. Twice he'd left her aching with need and frustrated almost to the point of screaming. For some reason she couldn't give herself what she gave him. Damn him, Madison thought again, closing her eyes and tilting her head back. I'll get him back for this if it's the last thing I do.

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4/19/2005 3:55 pm

damn, that was hot...

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