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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmread me,

She smelled like liquor. She moved close and I could feel her breast against my arm and her pubic hair against my thigh. I lay very still hoping she would just go to sleep, but suddenly felt her hand move across my stomach and her fingers slowly enter my jockey shorts and touch my Dick. It responded by jerking uncontrollably in her hand. She giggled softly and without warning threw her leg over me and climbed on top. She pulled my shorts down just enough to allow my Dick to spring out and point directly at the ceiling. She rose slightly and guided my throbbing Dick between her legs and slowly eased herself down onto it. I heard the air exit her lungs in a slow soft gasp and she began to move her hips very slowly. There is no way to describe the feeling and sensation I was experiencing. Real or imagined, I don't ever remember experiencing it again with any other woman.

I heard her breathing become deeper and slight throaty moans. The pace of her hip movements quickened and I knew she was coming. I began to move my hips in time with her movements and within moments we were both coming. I could feel her breasts touching my chest and I reached between us to touch them. She raised her upper torso slightly to allow me access as my hand found the left one and began to lightly massage it. It was soft and smooth. The nipple had swollen quite a bit and was hard as a rock. Her hip movements became furious as I played with her breasts.Her moans became louder and her breathing quickened. She pushed against me to ensure she had the full length of me inside her, suddenly I exploded deep inside her with a fantastic orgasm. She continued her movements for 20 to 30 seconds longer as she finished coming.

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