So hot at work today..  

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4/20/2005 10:04 am

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So hot at work today..

I spent the majority of my day distracted from my work in a state of constant arousal and it was entirely your fault. On top of that, I'm now stuck here working overtime.

I don't know if it was because I was exceptionally horny or what, but everything about you today made me want to cum. Every time you walked by, I couldn't stop staring at your boots and thinking they screamed "Fuck Me!" When I walked by your desk and you were kneeling beneath it, I could not decide which was a sexier fantasy: taking you from behind or standing in front of you with your lips wrapped around my dick. I was practically crazy from lust. I spent most of the day gently massaging myself through my pants between phone calls and assignments. Every time someone walked by, I had to quickly move my hand away so I wouldn't get caught. Every time you walked by, I had to pull my hand away so that I would not leave a huge cum stain on the front of my pants.

Finally, the day was over and the last person came in to let me know they were leaving. I waited to hear the outside door close and practically ripped my pants open to relieve my pent-up cravings. I still had a couple of hours of work. I would never be able to concentrate if I did not take care of myself.

Leaning back in my chair, I got comfortable and began gently stroking myself. I was thinking back to you on your knees beneath your desk. I imagined you gently sliding your lips up and down on my dick. Slowly, my hand imitated your imaginary head bobbing. My fingers gently caressed my shaft, sliding up and down, then my fingers circled around the edge of the head. The sensations raced throughout my entire pelvis, my balls swelled and I squeezed the muscles of my ass. My hips slid back and forth in my chair as I pretended I was pumping in and out of your luscious mouth. I could feel the precum oozing from the tip down onto my fingers, lubricating me further and making the sensations even greater.

I was getting close, so I stood up behind my desk, leaned my head back, closed my eyes and pumped myself toward the orgasm that had been building all day. I could feel myself twitch in my hand and my balls tighten. I was about to spew a massive load of cum onto my desk, as I imagined it to be your face.

Suddenly, I'm yanked from my fantasy. I hear someone calling my name to see if I am still here. Before I can get my hand off of my dick, let alone put it away, you are standing in the doorway. You are in mid-sentence, saying something about forgetting your cell phone, when you stop dead in your tracks. Your mouth drops open as you stare openly at my engorged cock pointing directly at you with my fingers wrapped around it. We both share an extremely awkward moment of silence, unsure of who should say what first. The next few moments seem like an eternity. My mind races with thoughts of being fired for indecent exposure. How am I going to explain this to the HR director? Hell, how am I going to explain this to you?

My mouth starts to open, but I can't find the words that should come; my brain is paralyzed. I stammer for something to say - anything - but there is nothing. As I stand there, I realize my hand is still on my dick and it remains rock hard. I am confused by my own reaction; it seems I'm actually turned on by this turn of events. At that very moment, I should be begging your forgiveness. Instead, I am aroused beyond belief. You finally break the awkward silence and apologize for barging in unannounced.

Realizing you are not reading me the riot act snaps my brain out of its paralysis and suddenly, I cannot stop my mouth from running. I am inexplicably telling you how I spent the entire day wound up with hormones and how your boots got me going even more and then you were on your knees under your desk and... Instead of accepting your apology, or better yet, offering one, I am spouting off about what led to this situation. When I'm done, I again find myself out of things to say and in an awkward silence. Still, my erection points directly at you.

This time, instead of breaking the silence, you silently walk toward me. Reaching out, you remove my hand. I stare at you in amazement; unable to react, unable to figure out what the hell is going on. As I stand dumbfounded, you look directly into my eyes.

In a sultry tone I've never heard you use before, you say, "I've always said I'd help you any way I can."

Without another word, you slip to your knees and firmly grasp my dick with one hand.

Your tongue reaches out and begins to lick the nearly purple head. Slowly, your tongue encircles the edge of my head as your hand firmly grasps the base. My breath is again ragged and I twitch against the touch of your tongue. Using your hand to point my cock into the air, you begin to tongue and suck on my balls. The warmth of your mouth is incredible. You suck one and then the other into your mouth, swirling your tongue around them as though tasting a fine wine. Your tongue glides up my dick, wagging back and forth, as you hit every sensitive nerve on the underside. My legs feel weak. Your tongue flicks over the very tip, your mouth opens and your hand returns to the base.

Suddenly, your mouth covers my entire dick and your lips meet your hand. I let out an audible sigh. As you work your lips up and down, your hand follows your lips, stroking while you suck. Between the all-day teasing by my imagination and hand, and your cock sucking ability, it's not long before I can feel cum welling inside of my balls. A few more strokes of your hand and lips will be enough to set me off. I'm there. Long strands of thick cum launch deep into your mouth, yet you keep sucking. Each time I spew another load of cum, you swallow and continue sucking. The sensations ripping through my body are almost excruciating.

As cum drains from me, I can feel the post-orgasm glow wash over me. You are still sucking, as if the massive amount of fluid you made me produce was not enough. Looking down, I let you know how incredible that felt. Instead of stopping and accepting my thanks, you continue to suck and stroke with your hands. Amazingly, I am already getting hard again. Looking up at me, you give me a naughty little smile and continue stimulating me. Your swirling tongue and the tightening grip of your hand continue to make me harder and harder. Suddenly, you release my cock from your mouth and stand.

Before I can utter a word, you turn away and lean over my desk. You pull your skirt over your hips, look over your shoulder and demand, "Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

Acknowledging your intense need and realizing why you continued sucking me, I aim the head of my rejuvenated dick at your panty-clad pussy. Feeling the dampness that has seeped through the thin material, I pull your panties aside. I can smell the scent of your arousal filling the room. I reveal your swollen and distended pussy lips spread to reveal your throbbing clit.

Again, you look over your shoulder and groan, "My cunt is so hot. Seeing you stroke your dick got my fires going."

With my head at the very entrance to your cunt, you suddenly push back, impaling yourself. As I reach bottom, you let out a deep groan. Looking forward, you grind your hips against mine. Your body insists that I fuck you and fuck you hard. You grasp the edge of the desk; I clutch your hips. Sliding back slowly, I feel your lips clinging to my retreating dick, not wanting to let go. As my head is about to pop out of your dripping pussy, I reverse direction and thrust all the way into you, pinning your hips against the desk. You let out a groan and gyrate against me. Again, I pull back until I am almost out of you; then, I thrust into you, holding myself deep inside. I feel the walls of your pussy squeezing me, begging me not to leave them empty. Our rhythm begins to build; your grunting is almost animal-like.

Between grunts you blurt out several obscene commands. "Fuck me hard!" "Make my cunt throb!" "Yes, drive it home!"

Each filthy command makes me swell and fill your pussy even more. With each thrust, I feel my balls swing and slap against your exposed clit. Items begin to fall from the desk as we continue to slam against it.

As I ram into you and your breathing becomes ragged, your words turn into indecipherable groans. I feel your pussy gripping me. Every vein visibly throbs on my engorged shaft. We both feel them as my cock stretches your pussy. You reach down and rub your clit. You moan and I reach back with one hand to slap your ass. Smack! Your moans increase. Whack! Another slap brings forth a red mark on your ass cheek. As my hand lands a third time, you scream in orgasm. I can feel you spraying your cum out of your pussy onto my balls and the floor. For several moments, you shake and convulse in the throes of orgasm. I stay buried deep inside of you, feeling all the joys of your orgasm as it shudders through you.

When you have caught your breath, you suddenly thrust your ass back against me and pull forward causing me to slide out of you.

You turn around and have a strange smirk on your face. "That was one of the better fucks I've had lately, but I believe we have some unfinished business."

Again, your tone is one I've not heard before now; you are completely in control.

"You mentioned how hot my boots got you. Well, I want to see it."

With that said, you drop down into my chair and throw your boots up on my desk.

Leaning back with your feet up, I can see your swollen red pussy gaping wide and I cannot turn my eyes away.

"I want to see you come on my boots. Now, start stroking it and aim well. If you don't hit my boots, I might have to report you for harassment."

Seeing that I don't have much choice, I take my dick in my hand and begin stroking.

"Faster! I want to see some cum flying out of that dick of yours!"

Your commands get me even hotter and I can feel cum building and pressing forward.

"That's it, Baby. Show me what I want!"

My mind races as I consider my circumstances and my hand becomes a blur; my eyes dart between your swollen pussy and your boots, the very object that lead to my current situation. As I breathe deeply, I can smell the mixture of our cum and sweat permeate the office. After a few more strokes, the first string of cum explodes. I aim at your boots and look to you for approval. As strand after strand drapes across your boots, you simply smile back at me. As the last cum drips from my softening dick, I sense the rising tension of another awkward moment. Our lust has been satisfied and I must again deal with reality.

Again, you are the one to break the silence. "Well, it looks like we both got what we wanted. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, by the way, I have quite a collection of boots; maybe I'll wear another pair tomorrow."

Devilishly grinning, you stand up, smooth your clothes, turn and walk towards the door.

"Hey, don't forget about your cell phone," I say, almost as an afterthought.

You stop, turn to me and chuckle, "My cell phone is in my car. I saw you pull your hand from your dick a few times today and figured it might be worth a shot to come back and surprise you. Guess I was right. See you tomorrow."

KlassDancer 59F

5/10/2005 10:27 am

Enjoyed the story very much.....Cat

playwitme2nite 41M

5/10/2005 2:05 pm

Glad you liked...

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