Cant wait to be the "test subject"  

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10/28/2005 5:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Cant wait to be the "test subject"

i was informed this morning that my good friend the Tiger has a company called Tiger International Technology Sales...which is now producing new and exotic sex toys! and i have signed up to try out the The Terrifically Tantalizing Tiger Tongue. I cannot wait to see how much pleasure that it can bring. I will be sure to update you and let you know just how good the tiger's tongue was! I have been told that it will bring out the inner beast in you and let loose of all your inhibitions. Making you roar with so much pleasure.

tigerdickaches 62M

10/28/2005 8:30 am

I'm back again as promised! I had promised to dig up some information I posted at another blog site for another lovely lady, also in need but for different reasons. Here is information regarding a great new sex toy that may allow you to enjoy intense pleasures and relaxation so that you may finally get some sleep!

Some of my tigress friends like the new "Terrifically Tantalizing Tiger Tongue", a battery-powered personal stimulation device which has long whiskers that are strategically positioned to tickle and stimulate the inner thighs and a very long and muscular tongue that has several operating modes, e.g. constant vibrating, fast and furious licking and concentrated clit attention. This is a very complicated electro-mechanical device, as you can probably imagine, and there have been some initial problems in early distribution to a small test market here in Missouri. It seems that some of the devices have irritated the inner thighs of a few young test panelists because the whiskers were too stiff and some panelists have actually passed out because they continued using the device beyond the maximum recommended time limit of 30 minutes! The manufacturer is looking into the technical feasibility of incorporating a timer and an automatic cut-off switch! I'm sure these minor difficulties will be quickly resolved by the company's engineering staff!

The name of this start-up manufacturing company is "Tiger International Technology Sales". It has recently gone public, and is listed on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol TITS! Oh, did I happen to mention that the company is owned and operated by my nephew, Truman the Tiger! Contact me at "Tiger Talk" if you'd like a prospectus or advance ordering information! Or, if you'd like to join the test panel of young ladies here in Missouri, I'll personally speak to Truman on your behalf!

Back to the jungle ...

Tiger Dick


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