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3/23/2006 2:21 pm

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shooting dogs

I watched this last nite at the NFT on the Southbank. Beautiful place to come out of and onto the river bank ..though to be honest the film itself was shite!

Yes i know I probably couldn't do better but I was furious throughout and wanted to say something.. ask something.. yes it was sad and yes I did shed a tear but to be honest yesterday I was so tired that in work the computer was fucked up so I was almost in tears with that..

Anyway why?.. Well it was taken from the POV of a white middle class teacher coming to do good in Africa but did it have to treat the people there are fucking extras. Like no-one really had a view, that no-one could do anything, that everyone waited for the UN etc to sort it out of the hero white liberals.. well they didn't and yes that is a tradegy. The bit that I found the most interesting was the credits, one of the sparks, was a Rwandan and he was one of the survirvors of the time,and he was credited as being in the rebel army that overthrew the Hutus. Now that is a fucking story. Despite the UN walkind away, despite being left time and time again in some fucking awful circumstances they found their own way and have begun to move on.

In a few weeks it will be shown in Rwanda to an audience of over 5,000 - I wonder what people will think there? Even if it didn't give thier story is it good enough for them that the horrors are acknowledged at least for some moments..

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