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4/11/2006 3:27 pm

and I'm waiting for tuesday! Is this what I do? I wait for the other side of it.. wait till the dust settles then look back and check if it was alright. what about the moments, the subtle little somethings that make it happen..that make me me and you, and all of you's ...

Well I have put myself in the middle of it, centre stage, cos I know I cant avoid it and hell yes it was my idea.. tried for years to walk round or over but in the end you can't do anything but walk into it.. take a deep breathe in..let your kneck and spine pull through and hold.. your strong enough not to let them (or you) move you.. dont let the winds move you unless you want to be moved..dont let the words move you to reaction..take action..on what you want...on what you want to give..dont let them steal you..piece by piece it goes and then one day you look in the mirror and there is a skeleton of you.

Oh and what else today...he is a sweetie..just some man who I am having to do some work with..dam he is cute! But fortunatley my sexual hormones aren't letting me loose myself.. I can just chitchat and sweet thing, are cute! Dam!

Play with me........

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