Last night..1.24am  

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4/30/2006 2:01 pm

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Last night..1.24am

And an old friend texted and called, could he stay. We are, were, I think trying to fizzle it out but you want to stay. I though it may be because you needed to be this end of town..or were horny and wanted to use me up again. I texted u could stay if that was easier but nothing else.

So you came, and I keep forgettin that I find you attractive. Its more than convience and good sex. I think your cute. You were drunk with beautiful sparkly eyes.. and from not wanting you.. I did. You sat on the side of my bed chatting and then lay across my covers and me..the whole of your body above me..and one small kiss...(i'm melting again)..then you move away. You then move back on top of me, we're both clothed but it feels good to have you there (i'm melting more) tell me that since you were with me, you have thought of me when you have sex with others, real sex, cyber sex and phone sex... I know its true.. you dont do just don't..why are you telling me this now..( I know I know..)

I melt and tell you which toothbrush to use, you have one here. And tell you to undress infront of me as I'm lying in bed. You tumble out of jeans a little but your gorgeous and I want you again. come lie on me.. come lie in me..come with me..

we kiss again and then you turn your back, you naked back on me... I like your back, your shoulders, your hmmm.

I just cant help but touch you, my nails scratch down you back and I lean in so you can feel my nipples harden on your with me x

Play with me........

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8/24/2009 12:12 pm

Hey, that's spretty hot. Nice one!

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