...whiskey lullaby  

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12/6/2005 3:07 pm

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...whiskey lullaby

Does anyone else ever notice that it's when you think you have security in something, that it slips away the easiest? Who am i kidding... NO ONES READING THIS

I left my wife the other day. See, before I was trying to add a little spark to our relationship...er...let me correct that, I was trying to do something interesting with her, so she wouldn't cheat on me again. Now I'm trying to shove a stick of dynamite in our relationship and take cover.
It's been about 3 mths. since the incident, and well, I'm kindda getting bored with her too.
So anyway, we had a couple of friends over playing some strip poker, and I decide I'm going to get everyboy in bed together. She was all for it too, so I'm like : yay, there is a god.

We where ate the cusp of fooling around, when my friends girl friends has a change of heart. I think to myself 'oh well, at least i know my wife would be down for it'. about a week goes by and she just keeps getting bitchier and bitchier. I decide, hey, i can do better than this.

I just hope I'm right...

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