Men never fake orgasm  

playn_nekkid2 49M/48F
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3/25/2006 6:52 am
Men never fake orgasm


We all know that women can fake an orgasm and it's the same for men. Only 47% of men say that they come every time they have sex, so it's good to know that the earth doesn't always move for them, either. Why do they fake it? The same reasons as us, because they want to please their partners, because they're bored or because they want to move on to something else.
When a man fakes an orgasm, he'll thrust hard a couple of times and fake a couple of shudders. The only thing he can't pretend is ejaculation, but if the couple have used a condom this isn't always noticeable. Even if they haven't, surprisingly few women realise, but it must be said that while a large number of men have done it, it doesn't happen very often.

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