Eight Sex Toys Every Collection Should Include #1  

playn_nekkid2 48M/48F
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4/30/2006 8:59 am
Eight Sex Toys Every Collection Should Include #1

The Hitachi Magic Wand
Why it's a classic: it's powerful, inconspicuous and convenient!

The Hitachi Magic Wand is by far the most popular electric vibrator among women, and has been for quite some time. On discussion boards all over the 'Net and on customer testimonials at sensual enhancement companies, the ladies rave about this large-headed massager. Why, you ask? This vibrator is electric, which means no batteries and no inconvenience. Women tend to love the wideness of the massager's head, which doesn't miss a sensitive spot. The Wand looks and acts just like a muscle massager (so you can fool your parents or friends!), but most women use this toy for external sensual stimulation. And why is the Hitachi Magic Wand so good for sexual stimulation? Because, oh my friends, it is some kind of powerful... so powerful that some women actually enjoy the stimulation more if they put a towel or blanket over the tip of the wand to dull the sensation somewhat.

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