All women can have multiple orgasms  

playn_nekkid2 48M/48F
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3/24/2006 7:28 am
All women can have multiple orgasms


A multiple orgasm is several orgasms during the same session, with no break between them. Sexperts often say that men are only capable of having one orgasm at a time, while women can have several, one after another.
In reality only a small number of women, around 10%, claim to have had multiple orgasms. No-one knows if all women can experience this if stimulated in the right way, or if only a few have the ability.
Don't ever think that you are any less of a women if you can't have a multiple orgasm, or that it is something to aim for at any cost. If that were the case, then 90% of us would be far less than satisfied!

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