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6/20/2005 4:35 pm

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Moistened with the pleasure I have supplied I withdraw my right hand from her breast and trace a swaggering line to her thigh and pause slightly to take in the look on the womans face. It is one of excitement and of unknown thoughts I must explore.

I bring my right hand down below my chin and feel her dampness with a finger tip, still lapping at the bud of her clitoris. I push into the spongey opening and begin a rhythm that matches that of my tongue.

I decide that I too need some play and ease from my position between her legs onto the bed beside her, my fingers continuing there motions below. As I lay there gazing into her eyes with my grin of expectation she turns slightly and moves her hand towards my groin, tickling the hair of my pelvis sending a shiver through my entire body.

Now she has me in the palm of her hand and begins to nurture my talent into a moulded organ she wants, she wants so bad. I begin to throb as I become fully aroused to her touch and the first signs of pre cum leak from my tip.

With our arms crossed to pleasure each other and breathing now heavy I remove my fingers, I want more from this rooms rent. I lean across her and go to rise but she has other plans. Pushing me further onto the bed she crawls up after me stopping to curl her tongue around my throbbing erection and taste the pre cum, peering at me to guage my satisfaction.

Licking along my chest she raises up onto her knees and reaches down with her left hand to rub me along her puffy lips. Now the way is clear and she sinks down onto me, only partly at first to test her moistness. Fully down I feel the warmth of her body enveloping me, pulling me up and down in a rhythmic motion, I know I cannot last.....

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