The "Schedule" or how events have a mind of their own.  

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4/23/2006 8:32 pm

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4/24/2006 12:11 pm

The "Schedule" or how events have a mind of their own.

Well another good lesson learned and to be shared with you out there in Playland. A famous quote is "Don't count your chickens until they have hatched". Proven good advice.

So it goes like this... We send out a few carefully worded "Are you interested?" emails and after a while nothing... then we send a few more to a select few that appear to match and and we recieve a single polite "we aren't interested" note back. No big deal, we understand people have preferences... we go on with a smile.

But then it hits.... 5 responses from old emails and 3 new ones from the blue, plus 2 hotlists and 3 winks from different people within 3 days...

What Happend? ... ???? Is this normal?

OK, we think we figured this one out. It is...

"Spring Time in Playland." Now how's that!

So go ahead... send that note, we're sure we aren't the only ones trying to find time for all the possibilities and fun out there.

Now to the challenge of the "schedule". That dreaded preventer of good times...


kitz6 60F

4/23/2006 9:46 pm

Yes, we know how that is!!

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