Being Brave  

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1/9/2006 6:35 pm

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Being Brave

So... how do you make the leap from being a vanillia type with fantasies to being open minded enough to allow other people to share such pleasures?

Good question we think. Well... just what sparked you to make the leap?

For us it was:

1. The desire to explore. We liked ourselves and we always thought it might be nice... but never were brave enough. We eventually did felt it was time and we are so glad we chose to play. The lesson for us was... To explore you have to challenge traditional boundaries...

2. The opportunity. Went to Vegas and heard from a cute stripper about swingers..... she encouraged us to go to observe and learn.... We did! She was right.

3. The people. Actually met really nice and exciting people who make the difference day and night again. They stimulate and establish a connection without strings (demands). Usually from seasoned couples who share the stories, to the hot driven pleasure seekers and even the strong cast of characters who manage to make things kind of happen...

It is playfun.

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