Taking Matters Into My Own Hands  

playfulwithyou33 56F
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5/23/2005 5:21 am

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Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

Getting somewhat personal here--How Often Do You Masturbate?

Does it make a difference in the frequency if you have a current lover or not?
Do you play in front of your lover, or is it just your private time?
Where do you do it?
How long do you take?
Any toys implemented?
And what if any imagery do you use during your play?

playfulwithyou33 56F
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5/23/2005 5:28 am

How often: ALOT
Difference in frequency if I have a lover: yes
Playtime in front of lover: depends on lover
Where: Bed,livingroom,shower,in front of computer(really blushing)
How long: from two minutes to on and off all day long LOL
Toys: usually...industrial strength power massager
Imagery: oh baby!

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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5/23/2005 9:01 pm

How often?:more often nowD has been working out of town!

Diff. in frequency if D is around?Hell yes!!
Do I play infront of lover?:Yes, but also plays with me!
Where?:{color blue]where ever the mood overtakes me!
How long?:Never timed it! I like to stretch it out!

Imagery used?:hhhmmm, that is my secret!!

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rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
1140 posts
5/23/2005 9:03 pm

don't know what happenned there!! Never seen those little smileys b4!!


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rm_kevnico 55M
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5/24/2005 3:32 pm


How often? B4 A F F, frequently, since ... probably halved. It’s kind of difficult to type with only one hand.

Difference in freq with a lover? Most certainly. She gets all the attention. My hand will forgive me, its really attached to me if you know what I mean. < nudge, nudge, wink wink >

In front of my lover? Yep. And behind, on the phone, etc...

Where? Bed, shower, and ... well, everyone should use a headset when on a cell phone in the car.

Toys? Nope. Talk to da hand.

Imagery? < peeks under Playful’s nightie >

lustmirror 63M
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5/24/2005 7:51 pm

How often: daily, if I'm really on top of my game
Difference in frequency if I have a lover: absolutely...only spill what's left over. ( you gonna eat that?????)
Playtime in front of lover: have, willingly when it is appreciated, mutual...
Where: mostly online now...but it has been many, many locations. Never an elevator though...
How long: life long
Toys: very rarely...
Imagery: yes, both external and internal

cajunpet 70M
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5/25/2005 1:12 am

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How often: Not Often
Difference in frequency if I have a lover: Yes
Playtime in front of lover: Yes
Where: Anywhere I want to. One time in college computer lab full of people.
How long: 15 - 20 min
Imagery: Two women going at it, one giving bj to me.

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5/25/2005 2:44 am


cajunpet 70M
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5/25/2005 5:34 am

Hi playfulwithyou33, Thanks for being a friend.

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LimesMastsAvoid 70M
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5/25/2005 9:51 am

Load up the DVD with porn, get a gallon of lube, get started before she comes home and freaks out....

EroticallyRapt 55M
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5/26/2005 5:22 pm

How often: Everyday, usually. Unless I'm really tired!
Difference in frequency if I have a lover: yes, save it for her!
Playtime in front of lover: depends on lover, love to do it, especially together.
Where: Anywhere I can do it without getting into trouble with the law
How long: Depends...10 - 15 minutes up to 30 - 60 minutes.
Toys: been trying a cock ring lately....,makes it really hard!
Imagery: varies, pics are good, pornos are better, thinking about someone I've met even better, having her right there with me is the best! ER

daighi 49M
1449 posts
5/30/2005 7:37 pm

Good question!

How often..Whenever i feel horny,so almost every day!..lol

Diff in freq...Yes depending on whether i have a partner or not.I masterbate less if i'm sexually active.Why "eat the burger..When you can have the whole menu"!..lol

Play in front of lover?...Yes sometimes!Most women i find like the sight of their lover masterbating in front of them.Do you?

Where?...Mostly in my bedroom,or my partners.OR wherever she wants me to...depending on where we are of course.I have wanked in my car for a partner,& in the loo of a train once!It excite's me to know that she is excited by me too!

How long?...It really depends!How long is a ball of string?I can make it last for hours,OR cum in minutes!

Toys...Lube for best effect,& i sometimes use a vibe on my cock,balls & asshole to heighten the sensations.....mmmmmmmmm...lol

Imagery...porn movies,lovers images in my mind,Looking at the pics of some of the members on AdultFriendFinder,& words written in emails/blogs,or spoken on the phone.Basically,it does'nt take much to excite me.

The mind is the most powerful sex tool,followed by your lips,then your hands....lol

D. X

"Always remember...keep smiling!"



daighi 49M
1449 posts
5/30/2005 7:44 pm

A question in return for you & the ladies reaing this.............

Do women masterbate as much as men?

What techniques do they use to enhance the feelings?

Do you encourage you lovers to touch you "in the right way"?

Are you excited by these comments i reply to your posting?


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



NoodleFrontity 56M
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7/2/2005 12:37 pm

Q: How Often Do You Masturbate?
Too often (see next answer). 5-6 times/week on average, sometimes I'll go a week or so without and other times I'll do it 3 or 4 times in a day.

Q: Does it make a difference in the frequency if you have a current lover or not?
Definitely!!! My hands... well pretty much all of me is occupied elsewhere. I'd say it drops to once or twice/month when I'm with someone.

Q: Do you play in front of your lover, or is it just your private time?
A: I haven't had a lover (yet) who approved - as a matter of fact, they all strongly disapproved. They also denied having done it themselves.

Q: Where do you do it?
A: It'd take less time to list where I haven't done it, but here's a few where I have (in descending order of frequency): Bed, shower, living room/home theater, car (both driving & parked), at work (usually in the mens room), parks & campgrounds, (and in the wee hours) my back yard, streets & alleyways.

Q: How long do you take?
A: Varies. Sometimes I'm done in under 30 seconds, other times I can go for hours before I climax.

Q: Any toys implemented?
A: I've tried a vibrator once or twice but it didn't work for me. Nothing else other than that.

Q: And what if any imagery do you use during your play?
A: Depends on the location. Sometimes I'll watch a porn flick but most often I'll just imagine making love to someone I find attractive or imagine I'm being watched by them/watching them.

rm_jamiegram13 62M
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7/4/2005 3:35 pm

well close...especially when playful is on....save it for her..lol!

dano6332 56M

9/6/2005 3:00 pm

Hell Yes Daily or more without a partner with a partner? Whenever I need to. No toys just relax Penthouse forum is great for reading material

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