She Deserves a Spanking  

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11/19/2005 7:12 pm

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She Deserves a Spanking

Bent over the chair, her ass reddened by the firm spanking she had just received, Donna moaned in anticipation. The stroke of Greg's hand across her soft round buttocks had turned her onto an almost unbearable degree and now she needed to cum.

"Mmmm, fuck me, Greg, please" she begged, parting her legs wider so that he could see her engorged clit glistening between her legs. Her hands were firmly bound behind her back with the wrist restraints restricting her movement and rendering her powerless to his desires. The sight of her full womanly body bound up and her legs still clad in silky black stockings and garters were making Greg's cock stiffen harder under his jeans. He was desperate to fuck her but wanted to make her wait after she could bear it no longer. He liked her begging in frustration for an orgasm. He felt his own power surge through his body.

"Hold on, baby" he said, "you'll get a hard fucking when I'm good and ready". She whimpered in anticipation. But first he removed the leather belt from his jeans. He held it up and let it thwack against her upturned naked buttocks. She cried out at the pain and pleasure and he struck again while she squirmed rhythmically. Soon, her punishment over, he softly stroked her beautiful ass and kissed the back of her neck. Gently moving his fingers between her legs, he felt her wetness. She sighed and thanked him as he stroked her clitoris. Hearing her breath starting to quicken, Greg slid down underneath her and lapped at her naked cunt. His tongue licked in between her shaved and wet pussy lips and then probed deeper inside her while he continued to finger her clitoris, encouraged by her deep sighs and moans.

"Fuck me" Donna begged again, writhing in anticipation at his touch. This time he could bear it no more and freed his rock hard cock from his jeans. He stood proud with his 8-inch dick jutting out in front of him. Kneeling behind Donna he rubbed it against her reddened buttocks and kissed and bit her ears and neck while telling her how hard he was going to ram it up her. She sighed deeply in acquiescence and shivered with anticipation.

Holding his cock firm Greg pushed it deep between her welcoming thighs. Moving hard and fast he pumped against her with his balls banging against Donna’s ass. He showed no mercy in pursuit of his orgasm. As her excited cries got louder and he felt her body shudder in orgasm, he pumped harder. At last, anticipating his climax he pulled out of her cunt and shot his cum over her reddened ass and then massaged it into her soft skin, as Donna collapsed onto the bed in spent and exhausted, her eyes glazed over and she floated away.

XXcurious1 50F

8/19/2009 2:25 pm

Such a great story...I would love to make it my reality

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