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The weather was sunny and bright when we started on our drive up the coast. It felt wonderful sitting close to you in your truck, I was relaxed and happy that we had this much time to ourselves. No interruptions from work, family, or friends...just the two of us to spend quality time together that Saturday. We had just finished breakfast at a quiet little restaurant and I felt content and satisfied.

Being the good girl I am, I wore the short cream-colored silk dress you liked, with no panties underneath. I could feel the soft silk brushing against my freshly shaved pussy lips...teasing me with light caresses, arousing me ever so softly.
The scenery was beautiful and I loved watching the blue ocean glinting with the morning sunlight. The smell of your cologne filled my head with desire and I felt my nipples harden knowing soon you would have your lips sucking on them...gently biting till I moaned in pleasure and need.

You hadn't told me where we were headed and truly it didn't really matter. Sitting close to you...feeling your body against mine as I leaned into you was enough to make me happy to be with you. The destination was not important... I could feel myself doze in a lazy sort of relaxation, happy and warmly filled with your love.

I looked up into your eyes...silently begging you to touch me...arouse me.... How do you always know what it is that I need? What I crave from you?? You reach down, pull up my dress and teasingly play with my soft bare pussy lips. I felt my back arch, hoping to increase the pressure from your fingertips....but instead you simply pull away. Feeling frustrated I whimper and plead with you to touch me harder... Smiling, you pull my dress down and place both hands on the wheel, leaving me aroused and aching for more.

After about 30 minutes of quiet chatting, you pull off the freeway and take a small road leading off into a wooded area. Knowing you won't tell me where we are going, I smile with the assurance that you make me happy regardless of where we are. Parking the truck, you gather a small bag from behind the seat, reach over and kiss me deep and long. I throw my head back, and you grab me and start sucking and biting on my neck. I can feel my abdomen muscles tighten with arousal and my breathing deepens.

We get out of the truck and begin walking down a path into the woods. Suddenly, the sky darkens and opens releasing a torrent of rain. We both begin running, hand in hand, laughing and getting soaked from the rain. After ten minutes I notice a clearing in the woods, it is dark and absolutely silent in the woods, the rain pelting us with a stinging that is arousing in of itself.
You drop the bag and wrap your arms around me, deeply enveloping me in your maleness. Grabbing my hair in the back you pull my head down and thrust your tongue down my throat, kissing me with a urgency and demand that literally takes my breath away. I feel myself getting lost in the feeling, and feel the wetness between my legs. As you kiss me, you slowly lead me backwards until I am leaning against a large tree. Out of nowhere, you pull out a rope and deftly tie me to the tree.

I can feel a panic begin to rise in my chest, but know I am safe with you and try hard to relax my fears. I can feel the rough tree bark against my back and am glad I at least have the silk dress to insulate me from the roughness of the tree. As you kiss my throat, I close my eyes in pleasure. Everything goes black as the blindfold covers my eyes. The rain continues to drench my hair, skin, and dress.

The buttons down the front of my dress are small, and you cannot seem to unbutton them fast enough. I gasp as I suddenly feel the fabric tear as you rip open the dress in frustration. My see through bra is soaked from the rain and you reach down and roughly squeeze both tits till I shudder with a delightful sense of pain. The bra too is ripped from my body and I stand there, tied to the tree, absolutely naked. It's quiet, and I cannot fathom what it is you are doing. I listen intently and realize you are taking photos with the digital camera and feel vulnerable and exposed.

As hard as I try I cannot let go of my fear and beg you to let me go. Ordering me to be quiet only frustrates me further. Before I know it, you have gagged me with a cloth and now my body is available to you completely. You pull me aside from the tree and swat my bare wet ass several times telling me to be still, not to move or struggle. Rivulets of rain drench my body and make me feel slick and cold. My body is shaking from the cold, but more so from the intense sexual arousal. Once again you swat me and tell me to stand still.

Your cold as ice lips surround my nipples with an insistence unknown to me before. I can feel them each harden and yearning for your attention. Your hands cup each breast and pull them up to your mouth. My pelvis reaches for you but is ignored. Concentrating on how my cunt throbs for you, I don't realize the incredible pressure on each nipple. Although the discomfort feels painful, slowly I begin to accept it as a part of myself. Draw in the pain, allow it to mix with the intense sexual arousal in my breasts. I can feel myself slowly giving in to the pain...becoming unaware of the rain...the bark of the tree scraping the flesh on my back....and ultimately the pinching of my nipples.

Time seems to stand still and I find myself relaxing and allowing the expert rope binds to support my weight. The discomfort I feel is replaced with a desire and craving to feel you touch me. Explore my body with your eyes...your tongue...your hands...and finally your hard cock buried deep inside my cunt. I feel lost in my world of arousal, nearly unaware of the tugging of what I realize must be nipple clamps. Reluctantly I bring myself to the present, yanked away from my secret space... I hear you demand I spread my legs as wide as I can.

I am completely yours, willing to yield to your innermost desires. I open my legs and am happy to show you my, wet, and wide...ready and anxious for you to claim as your own. Again you are silent...and I can hear the soft click of the camera, taking permanent images of my vulnerability. Proof of my surrender to you. I can feel my mind wandering to that subspace...the feeling of wide open spaces...floating in nothingness, except your presence. The only thing I sense is you.

The cloth gag is removed and just as I attempt to suck in the cold air, you cover me with your own mouth, stealing my air...filling me with your own. Your tongue explores every inch inside me, thrusting deep into my throat, our teeth clashing together. I can feel your hard dick pressed against my belly as your mouth claims my own. The clamps pull and tug at my nipples and as they harden I can feel the pressure intensify. As you remove your mouth from mine, I gasp for air and try to tell you how I adore you. Yet, no words can leave my soul. I have no way to express my love for you...other than through my body.

You tell me if I can remain absolutely silent, except for an utterance of pleasure or moaning, you will leave off the gag. I am grateful and shake my head in agreement. You tilt my head back to allow the rain to moisten my throat and lovingly kiss and nibble my neck while I drink. The cold fresh water is nearly enough to bring me to tears as I realize how much you care for my body and mind.

This tenderness provides a shelter of trust that opens me further to you. I can feel you tightening the pressure on the nipple clamps and I shudder in pain/pleasure. My pussy contracts with need and I desperately want to beg you to touch me...bring me to orgasm....give me the release I crave. I cannot stand waiting, and feel the impatience and longing of a spoiled brat. I scream, "fuck me fuck me NOW", and am rewarded with a bite so hard on my left nipple that I cry out in shock. "Do you want that gag back on? Do you?" I feel my mind comply and shake my head no.
You lips leave my tits and all I feel for several minutes is the beating of the cold rain on my naked body. The ropes are tied in such a way that I am able to relax my upper body, but my lower body is completely free. As ordered, I have kept my legs spread wide open. Hyper-aware, I can feel your breath travel down my body...pass my belly...pass my mound, and realize that you ever so gently separate my cunt lips. Previously covered, my clit is suddenly exposed to the cold air and a shock travels up my spine and my body quivers and convulses. Holding me open, you tongue licks and teases my clit, slowly warming me until I am on fire. Yet your motion doesn't change to the more hard and insistence pressure I need for orgasm. You continue to tease me, licking and tugging my inner lips...pulling at my clit, but not in a consistent way that will bring me release.

Through the fog of subspace I hear you ask me, "Do you want to cum? Do you need me? Don't me. Place your legs around my body. Push yourself into my face. Do it now." I don't think I can. Won't it cause my back to have the skin scraped off from the tree trunk? How can I can I surrender? And yet, the need to feel your tongue buried deep inside my cunt is more important than any other discomfort I might feel. I lean back against the tree, and do as asked. Finally, finally, you give me the full attention I need. Your tongue fully consumes my pussy and licks me, bites me, till I feel waves of cumming overtake my entire being. My head is pressed against the tree, and I moan in pleasure as my body bucks against your face. While your tongue sucks my clit, you push a finger deep into my pussy...bringing me to climax after climax...I feel my flow of ejaculate leave my body and stream down my legs, mixed with the cold rain.
Before I am able to recover and gain normal breathing, I feel you stand up and thrust your dick deep into my soaked and open cunt. You pound me till I nearly pass out but still cum several times. Your dick teases me, just barely entering me, and then suddenly burying your full length deep into my cunt. I gasp with each thrust, unaware how I can continue without screaming in pleasure.

Just as quickly as you entered me, I felt your rock hard cock withdraw from my dripping cunt. Standing up, you gently loosen the ropes slightly. Thinking you had finished with me, I opened my mouth to speak. Before I could get out a word, you turned me and swatted my ass hard five or six times. "No talking" Instead of being released, I felt you pushing my body down the trunk until I found myself sitting on the cold wet ground. Roughly you opened my mouth and jammed your dick straight down my throat. I choked and tried desperately to move away, but the ropes and your strong hands on my face kept me in position to swallow your entire length with every thrust. I felt as if I would pass out from lack of air, but was unable express my need.

It seemed that ten minutes went by before you finally grasped the back of my head, clutched my hair, and held my face deep into your groin. I felt the hot waves of cum gush down my throat and attempted to swallow you entirely. Even subspace didn't prevent me from hearing your groans of pleasure as you came deep inside me. After expending yourself, you leaned against my face and hung onto the tree gathering your own strength, with your now tender sweet cock nestled in my mouth.

I must have lost myself for a short while, because the next thing I became aware of was you lifting me to a standing position, untying the ropes, and catching my weak body as I fell into your arms. From your bag you wrapped me in a huge soft blanket, and half carried me in the rain through the woods. As we broke out from the wooded area, I was conscious that the rain had stopped and the warm shining California sun broke out. I hadn't until then realized that the blindfold had been removed and I could finally see. Leaning against your body, I knew that I would never love or trust a man the way I could for you. You took me to the truck, settled me in the front seat, and tucked me into the blanket, where I fell fast asleep, safe and loved.

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love the story and pic

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