playfulmind2006 60F
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1/8/2006 11:05 pm

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1/18/2008 5:34 pm


we sit down next to each other at this long awaited dinner
i've reached down, under the table and quietly removed my tiny thong and placed it into your surprised hand ...
you can feel the dampness on it that you have caused and now have the personal knowledge there is nothing between your wandering fingers and my puffy cunt .....

are you hard?
can i stroke you through your trousers?
maybe unzip you and hide that hungry snake under the napkin?
feel your silky precum wetting the end of your cock, i rub the head slowly with my thumb while my fingers are wrapped around you, sharing the pleasure...
i can't help myself and have to raise my fingers to my lips and suck, inhale the scent and taste of you.
i want nothing but to bend over, raise my snug skirt up over my pale ass and have you grab my hips and push inside ....
but we are in public
have to wait
or do we?

rm_anacortes 74M
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3/19/2006 4:52 pm

Oh no; we do NOT have to wait!

I grab your hand firmly and lead you toward the back door.

It is evening now and the shadows are long and the air cool. You smile as you follow me closely.

Out the door and into the small narrow, dark alley.

Before you know what has happened, I spin you facing the brick wall and grab you by your hair.. I whisper in your ear. "be good"!!

I pull up your skirt with one hand...my foot forces you to spread your legs and by holding your hair, I have you leaning against the wall with your chest and shoulders. Your head is bent and I can kiss your neck and bite it if necessary to subdue you.

Now as I admire the curve of your perfect buns, my other hand releases the belt clasp...I too have found it more convenient to be without undies as I feel my heart pounding there between my legs..

Without any thought.. just pure passion I thrust myself deep into you in one violent shove... you gasp and wince slightly.. there, I now have you under control; my hips pushing against your firm butt..

Before you can move, I whisper in your ear, "are you ok sexy"?

You don't answer, just moan.. and with that my passion builds and my movement starts...as I move, I can feel you moving to meet me..to pound your hips into me...that leads me to pound you harder and harder to show you who is "master".

All notion of time disappears.. as we fight for our satisfaction our destiny.. over and over..

(camera fades)

next scene; you still facing the wall...sweat in your hairline..your cheeks flushed.. and me nuzzling your ears and neck..as I pull up my trousers. Luckily, I have a handkerchief to wipe between your legs and your crack... you liked it when after you came several times, that I pulled out and then slowly inserted my drenched penis between your butt cheeks... you gasped again, and I had to hold you again by the hair and tell you I would not hurt you.. you waited as your anus relaxed and allowed me to slowly slowly slide deeper into your most private place...and you had such mixed feelings.. those of slight pain.. a tightness.. knot in your "stomach" thought of being a "bad girl".. wondering what it would feel like.. the thought that since I was already in a little, why not try it..

And now as you became a lady again you smiled at me and palmed your business card to me: Chief Prosicuting Attorny, Middleville County.

I hoped your phone number was direct and that I would not have to explain to any secretary when I phoned you the next day.

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