Exactly What AM I Turning My Back On AGAIN?  

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9/13/2005 4:36 pm

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Exactly What AM I Turning My Back On AGAIN?

The following screen names have been changed to protect the guilty!
y u tryin ta act all white like dat?
biglongnblack1973: u sure as HELL aint no black chick
daplaya4206: why u be disin us all like that?
skittles0879: you hate your own kind or something?
bj4mehoney: don't martin luther king ring a bell?

This is all in response to me just playing a song off my playlist in a chatroom.

I've had numberous innuendoes of similar wording over the years. ALL of which keep telling me, maybe not in as many words, that I've turned my back on African-Americans everywhere. Somehow, I'm viewed as a racist against my own ethnic background just by being myself.

Now my parents came to this country off the plane, not "the boat", back in the 60s. They became involved in an equal-rights movement soon after. They dropped out of the movement in the 80s, when primary goals of the group shifted from equality to supremacy. My parents didn't want to raise me with such brainwashing:
"Welfare is the white-man's reparations to us for slavery."
"Impregnate all the white women you can, so we may beed out the slave-driving race."
"Sex with a white man is the worst sin against your kind."
"Take everything you can from the slave-driving race, since they already took it from you."

Yet, I heard it every day throughout school and college- and everyone who spoke such words claimed to detest racism. Just because the state supports one form of racism and forces the other into hiding doesn't make the supported ones "not racist". It is this kind of logic that infects the minds of our youth- making one type of person look better and another worse due to an irrelevant ancient wrong.

I'm not saying that SOME white supremacists aren't in power attempting to turn back the clock. But the majority just don't go off judging by skin tones, like back in the "old days". It has become us black people who are not only judging, but also acting upon such prejudice. I'll never understand why some people call a black man a "hero" who claims "watching too much TV has got you chasing useless dreams", or "you're stuck in the ghetto for life", or "the only way to success is a gat in hand". In my opinion, these "heroes" are the true racists against their own kind, just trying to kick everyone who idolizes them for "getting out of the hood" back into the gutter.

So, before you start thinking I'm a "dark-skinned KKK member", just take a look at your own prejudice level through my eyes.

playdoll19087699 36F
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9/14/2005 11:27 pm

I know I'm just [post 92738]!! Thanks for sharing!

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