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Ok forget the personal trainer, quit the gym and chuck the treadmill happyf; ...According to Kerry McCloskey, Author of THE ULTIMATE SEX DIET, your man might be the only fitness resource you'll ever need happym; ..
I was searching the internet looking for some different ways of excersising,,,especially when sex is such a high calory burner ,,,so I found a few good hints ,,,I intend to try these,,,and I will pass the results on,,,and I hope some of you try these tips out and let me know if it works or if it's a waste..So I hope you enjoy...and please give me your feed back if you thing these excercises work..
In this position, the man is sitting up while the woman is sitting on him with her legs raised in the air in a straddle. She holds onto his neck with her hands while he maneuvers her back and forth. This will work the woman's arms, stomach and legs. The man will tone his arms while moving the woman's body, and will strengthen his legs from the support he is providing to his parner.
The woman lies on her stomach on the bed with her legs slightly open and her knees slightly off the edge. The man stands behind her at the end of her bed and lifts her legs up toward him, until he is able to enter from behind. The woman then bends her legs and wraps them around him, locking her feet together at the anckles, while the man holds her with his hands and rests her on his thighs. This will tone the triceps and lower back.

This position is a great workout for the woman's stomach and buttocks. while lying on her back, the woman extends her legs straight in the air, slightly spread, with her rear lifted off the ground. The man bends down in a slight squat to enter, and when using his arms for support, he works his triceps..
here is a few sex excercises,,,I hope you enjoy...
Crouching tiger, Aroused Dragon: Both partners will quickly realize why the crouching tiger has great pleasure and orgasm potential. In this position, the woman does a sexy squat above the man---in a catchers position. This is a perfect chance for her to use her PC muscles to "CATCH" his member and clench him tight. The woman can then support her hands anywhere on his body for support and then move herself up and down. It also allows better control of the depth and pace of the depth and pace of the penetration. If she allows deep penetration, she can stimulate her G-SPOT more often. More shallow penetration will touch the edge of the vaginal opening which is still a pleasurable sensation. Additionally, if the woman leans back, her clit can be stimulated. In terms of muscle tone, this position will work her inner thigh and calf muscles.Maintaining this position as long as possible will give his abdomen a gard workout.

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