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He comes in the room and catches me kissing {=} another woman,,but we are so into making out we don't even notice he has entered the room ,,,He just watches in surprise,,but thanking GOD at the same time I take my lips off hers and slowly lift her shirt and start carressing her tits,,and sucking gently on her nipples,, *Y* Then I take her shirt off,,,and stand her up and pull her pants down and softly kiss her pussy lips,,and we start kissing again very HOT,, and now the fun really begins,,,as I start to undress myself slow and touching myself making her watch and not help,,,,I notice him standing there,,cock in hand stroking his hard dick \8 I continue what I am doing,,and as I take my underware off,,,she can't wait any longer and starts licking my clit,,,and fingering my pussy,,I grab her nipples and play with them,,,then pull her up,,kiss her,,and lay her down and tease her by licking her pussy lips,,,kissing her clit,,,carressing her nipples,,then when she is good and wet,,,I just start tearring into her pussy and licking and fingering,,,meanwhile he is watching and his dick is dripping like crazy...I lay him down and sit on his face while I kiss and finger fuck her... She turns me around climes on my face and we are in the 69 position,,,her on top,,,I spread her legs while I lick her pussy all over,,she is tounge fucking me and playing with my clit and he could just tell we were going to cum,,,and just as we both let it go,,,he shoots his load all over us both ...\8

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5/13/2006 10:27 am

just what i want.

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