When it really clicked....  

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12/12/2005 12:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

When it really clicked....

My wife is generally mildly submissive, but there have been times when she has been quite assertive in bed. This is how I came to know that this is really what I want in a woman.

I absolutely love it when my wife lets me dive down between her legs. When she is in the mood for it I can stay there (and have) for more than an hour bringing her to as many climaxes as she cares to have. The record is 5

She has shown a fairly agressive side on rare occassions. From time to time she would do things like grip my head tightly and dig her fingers in, rub herself all over my face, raise her ass up and push my face in ...and everytime it drove me absolutely wild!

The clincher though ..when a switch just flipped and I knew that I need a woman like this, was when one day while I was down there in heaven with her fingers firmly pulling me in her right foot wandered over and touched my cock. I didn't last two seconds after that. I came all over her foot and leg and she climaxed at the same time.

Since then her foot and leg will wander over more often than not. The highlight of my sexual life was when she pulled my face into her tightly, proceeded to rub herself all over my face and said "fuck my leg" in no uncertain terms. Of course I obliged and she proceeded to cum all over my face at which point I lost it and came all over her leg.

Unfortunately this posture doesn't seem to be lasting interest of hers. I love my wife but I am left longing for a woman like this more often than not.

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