Dun Skip Meal  

rm_pkvspk 37M
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7/27/2006 7:34 pm

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11/19/2006 5:55 pm

Dun Skip Meal

I think most of us got skip meal b4, breakfast, lunch or dinner. But recently I found out that when I skip 1 or 2 meal a day. Then I can no perform as good as when I having those meal during the sex.
Guesse we really need nutricious and energy to having good sex as it is a EXERCISE

19GoodMan 47M
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11/13/2006 12:50 am

You're right! We'll need nutritions & energy to boost our stamina especially while we're undergoing execrcises or sexual activities.

Our semen are mainly made from protein. As such, high intake of protein is essential to increase our semen quality & quantity.

Minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Selenium are believed to have beneficial effects on sexual activities.

Supplements like Gingko Biloba (Ying Xing or Bai Guo) is good to increase blood circulation of our sexual organs.

Precious Herbal remedies like Cordyceps (winter worm summer grass) & Horny Goat Weed (Ying Yang Huo) are having a properties of increase sex performance.

All are OTC products with no or least side effects. Try it out. Only You will know yourself.

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