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9/3/2006 7:03 pm

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First time

To put is succinctly, this is a story of how one can find oneself and your girlfriend in a Shenzhen Holiday Inn at 2am lying under a 24-year-old Chinese woman who is screaming happily while being fucked in the ass by a 48-year-old German, as you and your girlfriend grabsuckkissslurpprobe hand and mouthfulls of each other's and her flesh and the only other unocuppied region below her navel - as the German guy, who owns the company which supplies his country's ski team with its equipment, is busy upstairs.

Her nipples were amazing, by the way. Like mini-artillery shells, except made of elastic that she begged all concerned to stretch to near-breaking points.

Call them Albert and Alice. We met them by chance at an outdoor bar in Shekou after all concerned had had probably too many drinks. Although not as many as a Chinese group that joined us at the bar for awhile, one of whom tried to ingratiate himself with Albert by standing up, giving the facist salute and yelling "Heil Hitler! Hitler was a great leader!" Albert has seen this before. "They just don't understand," he said after waving the guy down. "They have no education about what Hitler did or who he was."

He's is an old Shenzhen hand who has been coming here since the mid-80s. He told me about the vagaries of keeping Germany's ski team in skis, bindings, boots, helmets, hats and Goretex and how most of it is made in China. The idea of a foursome kind of grew as the drinks kept coming and after Alice told us that she thought C had beautiful skin. That they had an executive suite at the nearby Holiday Inn sealed the deal.

Alice is a teacher, a private tutor for upscale Chinese families who feel their kids need to brush up on their Chinese language, grammar and written skills. But her English isn't bad.

"I want to her," she said at one point as C lay prone, exhausted, panting and then asking for more attention from Alice, me and Albert. We had all, but primarily C and Alice in a combined effort, had just spent about 10 minutes getting C to a point where she was speaking in tongues and channeling interplanetary transmissions.

At another point when I was beating off -- no condoms were on hand -- on C's breasts Alice blurted out: "I want to lick it off her." Like "I want to her," it's also a simple declaritive sentence, but unlike the previous example one it was a declaration that she promptly followed up on as I more or less exploded and we all watched her lap C clean.

This was a first for me and C and, according to Alice and Albert, them too. C has been -- as the personals say: "Bi-curious" -- for awhile and this put her curiousity to the test.

Would we do it again? Gotta say at the moment I'm probably willing though at times a sight like watching C suck another guy's cock sorta brought up what one might call "mixed emotions", although admittedly Alice was similarly favoring me at the time.

But it's ultimately C's decision in the end. And as we left room 808 at about 5am she seemed to be experiencing the sexual version of "buyer's remorse." (Orgy remorse?)

"It was interesting," she said. "I liked being the center of attention. But I want another shower and not to talk about it for awhile."

And I can't stop thinking about it.

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9/3/2006 7:23 pm

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