Signs and Portents  

pipercat2000 56M
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8/18/2006 9:45 pm

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10/27/2006 10:33 pm

Signs and Portents

My second voyage through AdultFriendFinder started much as the first. I looked around a lot and not much happened. Not even one view just like the year before. But this time I was a standard member and figured it was prudent to be patient since my membership was open ended. About a week later, low and behold a message from cupid in my email inbox. “Someone wants to meet you”. Well hell, what’s this I reckoned. So, I traversed the minefield of contacting through AdultFriendFinder and met my first real person. We chatted for some time online and finally met a few weeks later after she returned from an extended trip. I was indeed fortunate. This lady had been on AdultFriendFinder since the inception of the site some nine years past. Lady luck was standing before me.

With her help, many of the things on the site started to come into focus. The sheer numbers are worth particular mention. The numbers of people actually on AdultFriendFinder, views of profiles and the numbers of people online at any one time. That interest turned more into amazement the more time I spent with her. If that were not enough, a week or so later, she introduced me to a couple that she had met on the site at an ice house on Lake Conroe. We all went there to check the place out because in two weeks they were throwing an AdultFriendFinder meet and greet which is a very long expression to describe a party. After some idle chit chat I discovered that both of them were great people and were very kind to me, a total stranger. What was even more amazing, since this my second time on AdultFriendFinder, I met 3 times the people in half the amount of time as opposed to a year earlier.

A few days later lady luck introduced me to the Texas Chat Room. I had been in chat rooms before but nothing likes this. She warned me that it was very cliquish and not to expect much at first. That was something that I had noticed right off the bat. It was my first impression. So I just went in and stayed quiet. Lurking in the background until at last, I saw an opening. The female member of the couple I met the weekend before entered the room. After the usual greetings between her and the members in the room I finally saw my opening. I typed in and asked her if she remembered me. It took a moment for her and it seemed like an eternity to me. After some elaboration she said yes! “How are you and it was good to meet you last weekend”. It felt as if the world began to revolve again. In one the AdultFriendFinder chat rooms I found the Holy Grail, recognition. I had my first chat room buddy.

_RoSe_ 47F
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8/20/2006 10:20 am

There are some great people on this site

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pipercat2000 56M

9/8/2006 11:53 am

Another history that is all true. I am still very close with my first chat buddy however, the relationship with Lady Luck has grown somewhat distant. I really have moved on from here. A lot!

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