My first attempt at fiction...  

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8/28/2006 11:49 am

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My first attempt at fiction...

Sequences of Attraction

We were traveling for quite some time and our destination was ahead of us. Upon arrival we encountered the usual last minute problems. The tiniest of details that can stop an endeavor in its tracks. We had some time to kill so we headed to where all the sound was coming from. Upon crossing the threshold I happened upon a sight I did not expect to see. A woman standing out in the company of others. I sat down and tried to focus on the issues of the day. But, I could not stop glancing at this woman. I tried not to stare and cause attention to myself but as hard as I tried, could not keep my eyes off of her.

The details resolved we were summoned to complete our purpose. The brief interlude was over and I had to leave. These trips were always a burden and a bore. I was on someone else’s time and the bill was due. As I left the room, I took one more look at the woman whose image was burned into my brain. This time she looked back and smiled.

We returned home and I returned to my routine. Every morning, I sit in my favorite coffee house. Reading the newspaper and communicating online all the while sipping my morning motivation. My usual chair faces the door and the counter. I always like to see people as the walk in. Sometimes because of business but mostly for the shear enjoyment of observing others. Then, I heard the front door open with its unique sound. Low and behold, the same woman I saw on my trip the week before appeared. Suddenly appearing like magic. My body and soul felt the rush of surprise. The unexpected had just happened. I stopped and stared. Awestruck and frozen in time. Then my laptop started to go crazy as my online contacts, all at once, needed my attention. I broke my gaze; looked down and answered the queries in order. Finished, I looked up and she was standing before me.

Hello, my name is Diana. She said in a voice that if angels could speak they spoke in that voice. Diana the name of a goddess. The goddess of the moon and of the hunt. A striking woman whose presence dominated the spaces surrounding her. I stood up as a gentleman should and I introduced myself. I asked if she would sit. She agreed and we sat for a time and chatted. About the weather, our jobs and the trivial banter of any new acquaintance. After a what seemed too brief a time, she stood up and said that she must go. Business you see. I stood up again, as a gentleman should, and she said good day. But before she could turn and leave I offered her my card. She took it and hesitated for a moment. She studied the card and a small smile appeared as she carefully placed it in a special location within her bag. I was astounded by the encounter for the rest of the day. Mesmerized by her beauty and the song of her voice.

As the end of the week neared I was, once again, in my usual routine. In the back of my mind, was Diana. Hoping to see her again. The cell phone chirped. I did not recognize the number. My heart pounded and I actually felt ill. Could this be her I thought or another false alarm? Some wrong number or sales pitch. Fumbling, I flipped the phone open and I said Hello.

It was her. She asked how I was doing and I lied and said fine. I was damn near faint and my heart was racing. She asked if I would be free tomorrow, Friday night. Now there are no words to describe the emotions I experienced in that single instant. I wanted to jump up and down and do cartwheels. The best of me took control and calmly said yes. We picked a time and a place to meet. Diana.

I arrived at our destination ahead of her. A gentleman does these things. A gentleman does not make a lady wait. I personally wish it was the other way around. The waiting and anticipation becomes unbearable at times. Thankfully, and right on cue she arrived. I extended my hand and she accepted it like a lady should. Not the hearty handshake of men but the soft clasp of a woman. I opened the door and she went in first. We were seated but I insisted on piloting her chair. Being a gentleman and all.

We talked and ate. There was a piece of food stuck to her chin and I politely informed her of the freeloader that adorned her face. She laughed and I discovered that a real person resided behind the exterior beauty. We finished our meal and moved on to our next destination. We became as typical as any two people on a first date. We went dancing. We boogied and strutted for each other and it seemed we were the only people on a crowded dance floor. We stopped for a time and regained our strength. Suddenly, the DJ played a song that appeared to move her. She looked at me and took my hand. It was time to dance slow.

I now experienced the sensations of touch and smell. The next chapter in my sensory expedition. The tactile sensation of her skin and the perfect curve of her body. She did not wear perfume. She wore a cologne that I knew well from a distance. But in the embrace of the dance, I could then smell the chemistry created by the potion and her skin. I was alive. We danced for hours.

The night came to an end. I walked her to her car. I extended my hand for the second time. She grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her. Her other hand reached behind my head as she ran her fingers through my hair. Finally, all my senses experienced this date and Diana. I closed my eyes and tasted her lips. We finished our kiss, such a kiss that I have never experienced before. Not just the singular act of kissing but the act and all things leading to it. The instants and the sequence. It was the perfect first date. She reached in her purse and pulled out a card. She looked at it for a moment, smiled and put it in my shirt pocket. Call me she said. And call I did the very next day.

You see, a gentleman does not make a lady wait.

_RoSe_ 47F
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8/29/2006 6:59 pm

Very nice love the food on her chin..

"A life without passion is not a life; it is merely an existence."

Etherealbreeze 54F

8/30/2006 4:33 pm

Life are but moments, seize each and every one and enjoy the roller coaster ride. Lovely piece of writing, fact or fiction , doesn't really matter. What today is fact, may be fiction the next; what today is fiction, may be fact the next.


I am Roz , a rose that's ephemeral and rare. Yet always here! Hugz!

Raveheart2005 49M

8/30/2006 5:48 pm

Great job Bro keep it flowing and let it ride nothings wrong if you can imagine it and let it flow...WELL DONE ...Rave

rm_KarmoHunny 54F
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9/4/2006 5:31 pm

Very beautifully written! It does not seem that this is your first foray into fiction. You seem like a pro!


pipercat2000 56M

9/4/2006 5:55 pm

    Quoting rm_KarmoHunny:
    Very beautifully written! It does not seem that this is your first foray into fiction. You seem like a pro!


Yep, this one popped my cherry Karmo... somewhere down the post list I said something to the effect that I knew how to write letters and procedure...

I thank you for your comment...

pipercat2000 56M

9/8/2006 11:40 am

I proved I could tell a story. The Diana is a composite character of well, Diana, my first girlfriend in Texas, a new acquaintance and pure fiction. Hell, might have some talent.

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