What Kind of Love...  

pinkplaytoyz 49F
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2/20/2006 1:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What Kind of Love...

What Kind Of Lover Are You?

What kind of love have you got?
You should be home, but you’re not
A room full of noise and dangerous boys
Still makes you thirsty and hot
I heard about you and that man
There’s just one thing I don’t understand
You say he’s a liar and he put out
Your fire
How come you still got his gun in your hand?
Victim of love , I see a broken heart
You got your stories to tell
Victim of love, it’s such an easy part
And you know how to play it so well

Some people never come clean
I think you know what I mean
You’re walkin’ the wire, pain and desire
Looking for love in between

Tell me your secrets, I’ll tell you mine
This ain’t no time to be cool
And tell all your girlfriends,
Your ’been around the world’ friends
That talk is for losers and fools

Victim of love, I see a broken heart
I could be wrong, but I’m not
Victim of love, we’re not so far apart
Show me, what kind of love have you got?

Victim of love, you’re just a victim of love
I could be wrong , but I’m not
Victim of love, now you’re a victim of love
What kind of love have you got?
What kind of love have you got?
What kind of love have you got?

"Victim of Love"
Hotel California, copyright 1976

Everyone is different. When it comes to love, everyone has a story to tell. Some are Heartbreakers...some are Victims...and some are both...
GOT A LOVE STORY TO TELL? (wonderful or horror)THEN SHARE IT...

Everyone loves differently. When I love, I love with all my heart. I'm always willing to be the one to compromise. I love to give,give,give...to shower my man with affection and appreciation. I do my part to make sure our sex life is the best it can be...though it takes two, of course. I give my support 100%.I take it easy on my man, and I'm monogamous!!

Efilnikufecin69 47M

2/20/2006 2:09 am

I am both! It is a rather long story, and I dont want to put that issue out here. Not yet anyway.

beewulf9 38M

2/20/2006 7:55 am

I am myself in and out of bed. Which means I am attentive and caring with every other character trait I posses thrown in for good meassure.

aascrompn 42M
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2/20/2006 9:35 am

I don't currently have one... However, when I do, I love w/ all of my heart. I don't always show it, but I know it's felt. I've had my heart thrashed by a lovely girl (ex-fiance) and I've torn a couple of hearts myself. I'm both!

MyRealLoverOne 45M

2/20/2006 11:51 am

And what a good lover you are!!!

Plano69 54M

2/20/2006 12:34 pm

it's a passion
and it's broken my heart

I need to learn
when to let go
when to hold back

but if I love you
I'll give you my all
until I just can't give

pinkplaytoyz 49F

2/20/2006 2:13 pm

E- no pressure,no need to,
beewulf- so, you've got a balance going on, great!!
aas- the all-american guy, you are!!
MyLover- it takes one to know one!!!{=}{=}
Plano- the romantic one, hugs!!

rm_emerald6912 48M
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2/20/2006 6:56 pm

Ive been a bit of both, liking to give my all to one person, to reach that singular joy of communion. Honestly though, its the old commitment thing, i start really good but run out of passion too easy and am perhaps too lazy to work onit.

Still learning, still trying, and most of all still hoping.

zorgnot2 60M

2/20/2006 7:47 pm

I'm generally generous to a fault in all ways, physically as well as mentally, but I try to not get too hung up and that becomes a problem when it turns into something serious. I've stopped being a victim but have left a few hearts yearning.
I've had several wanting to marry recently but willl probably take the punge again soon and just hate to cut off contact with those that for some reason didn't make the final cut.
The first cut is a living and growing experience. The last cut is, in reality, the deepest.

rh20055 36M
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2/20/2006 9:54 pm

I'm the heartbreaker! But what goes around, comes around, and I now know how it feels, sorta. Backed out of 1 engagement, her mother was to intrusive, just couldn't stand it anymore. Mostly straight and narrow when in a relationship, but there's been some bumps in the road! Lose interest after awhile, unless they are really fun in the bedroom. I know, it's mean!

bardicman 50M

2/20/2006 10:22 pm

Pink - You and I sound a lot alike. When I fall I fall all the way and give 100% in trying to satisfy my partner both mentally and sexually. Compromise, yes and sometimes so much that I lose myself in the process. Thats the one habit I seek to change about myself. I am me, if I am good enough for you to fall in love with then I should not have to change who I am later to keep you. (well not you persay but... well you know what I mean )

I am not dead yet

papyrina 50F
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2/21/2006 4:30 am

i'm here returning the hug

I'm a

i'm here to stay

rm_joshnyadeep 65M
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2/21/2006 9:56 am

wow ! that`s simple, i`m a hopless romantic ,so that makes me a master at "crash and burn!" us dumb ones never learn,just open wide and leave the heart exposed to get broken! one woman t a time till i find that happy ever after fairytale. so.......till then ..just wrap her in my arms and hold her for the rest of my life!

norprin5 55M

2/21/2006 4:02 pm

my story, my curse...

i fall in love on a regular basis

King Nor XVIII

tillerbabe 55F

2/21/2006 4:31 pm

I am neither... a "victim" or a heartbreaker. Especially the "victim" thing, I've never been a "victim" of anything, what comes my way is usually due to my choices and decisions.

I'm extremely devoted. I don't put the expectations I have of myself onto others. I don't see possibilities where none exist, you know the: "If he would only be more sensitive...." Yeah well, when Hell freezes over. I fully believe that after 3 months of knowing someone - "What you see is what you get." Everything after that is just growth between the two of you. I'm an insatiable romantic. I give unconditionally and find a lot of joy in that. I'm loyal and trusting and beleive that each relatinship has it's own set of rules that may not match the societal ideal - but what matters is what is understood between the two individuals. I am forgiving and I think "understanding" another and their intent is under-rated. I put all of me into my relationships, but I demand respect in a very subtle manner and if I'm the only one supporting the relationship, I leave. It does indeed take two. {=}

Ok.. me thinks I have "overstayed" my welcome! Thanks PINK!

rm_kelli4u2dew 41F
5220 posts
2/21/2006 7:21 pm

I have been a victim. Never again! I try not to be a heart breaker, but I can't help what someone else feels. I'm honest, and that's the best I can do. I've never been in a monogomous relationship, so I guess that's not me.

gnr8nrg 45M

2/21/2006 11:07 pm

The deepest love I've ever felt was a long time ago. At that time I would have jumped in front of a bullet to protect her. My heart was broken, but I wasn't a victim in any way. Since then I've taken more of the heartbreaker role, but I wasn't in love. I've been monogomous with every one of my girlfriends so that's not an issue for me, but I'm curious what it would be like if I was in an open relationship. My fear is if I open that door it may never close.

pinkplaytoyz 49F

2/22/2006 4:11 am

em- I think there's hope for everyone, sometimes it's just a matter of everything "clicking" into place...sometimes we get surprised!hugz!!
zorgi- Wow!Though I do know how it feels to have hearts yearning, however when you find the one that makes your pulse quicken and your soul feel so alive, its best to cut the little sprouts loose so they won't wither and die...hugzto you!!!

rh- You're still young enough to experience many wonderful things, and you definitely don't need an intrusive in-law!!Just wait til you get that first real heartbreak, you'll gain the wisdom of the world then, LOL!!hugs, Pink!!
bardi- LOL, yes, I know what you mean!!
papy- Thanks hon!!!
joshny- Hopeless Romantics keep the world going 'round!!!
norprin- LOL, the curse will turn into a blessing, I'm sure of it!!hugs!!
tiller- go ahead and let it all out here, LOL, I agree with much of what you've said!!
kelli- being honest is a godsend, being true to yourself is a requirement for your own happiness!!hugs,
qnr8- ahhhh, you may find the wonders of the world at your fingertips if you venture thru that door, LOL, wouldn't that be awful?
Dysgyzed- You've got a balance going then, which is good! I probably should have called myself "pinkpicplay" since I play with pics so much, LOL!!hugs!!

daighi 49M
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2/23/2006 9:22 am

In answer to your question,I have been told that i'm a sensual,warm & tender lover.I don't need a map to find my way around your beautiful body,& i take my time to make your pleasure as intense as possible.

So,i would say that i'm a "Giving" lover.What type of lover are you?

Hugs & sensual kisses,


"Always remember...keep smiling!"



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