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8/22/2005 11:24 pm

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ohbladee ohblahda

so my husband caught a ferel cat and now our pretty little girl kitten aisha and this wiry little guy.girl.don'tknowyet are having a no holds barred battle in the living room for dominance. too bad aisha is almost twice the size of the little thing.

so my guy bailed on me today but it was all right. he sounded really frazzled and i told him striahg tout that i wouldn't want to be meeting anyone new if the tables were turned. he seemed happy and grateful that i wasn;t throwing any fits and that's nice. i hate it when people take it personally when a bad day ruins your evening. everyone has bad days. i'd rather be patient and meet up with him when he's feeling good about life.

i think i am going to try to add another little photo gallery to my network page. i took some nice pictures tonight of myself. ;D

*edit* dang it, everytime i try to upload any more pics it just says i have to log in again no matter what settings i put on my computer! annoying!

ugh, work tomorrow.

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