Injured in Cairo  

pimmss5 49M
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7/16/2006 3:15 am
Injured in Cairo

My friend Kurt sent me the following email when he heard I was seeing a Saudi/Greek guy:

Mighty Tut-uncommon,

What the hell are you trying to do, get your head cut off for the benefit of CNN junkies? Can there be a more volatile mixture (outside of C4 and TNT) than a Saudi and a Greek? What are they attempting over there by breeding such a creature? Perfect the ultimate revenge-seeking monster? It's the fucking Island of Dr. Moreau, that's what it is.

Try not to end up in a shallow, sandy grave out near the pyramids with your nads scimitarred off and gingerly deposited in your throat.

Barkley the Cautious

Laughed my fucking arse off when I read this at his apt yesterday. Made the mistake of showing it to him. Lets just say he didnt find it as amusing....the night ended with her getting high and hitting me in the face with his shoe. Guess Kurt was right.....Best - Wounded Pharoe Royce

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