Sincerity & Authenticity  

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11/7/2005 6:25 pm

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Sincerity & Authenticity

One of my more memorable epiphanies was being assigned this book in university. I remember thinking.. another dead white guy who lectured a bunch of undergrads at Harvard.. yeah .. this will be good..

But then I started reading.. it blew my mind.. he encapsulated everything I was thinking about.. struggling to reconcile in my own life..

Since that time, I have re-read it several times.. the crux of the argument is…
The virtue of being sincere (Shakespeare's - Horatio) had deteriorated, while the modern compulsion to become authentic (Joseph Conrad's - Kurtz) had grown like a virus.

Maybe we all need to look at ourselves a little differently in the morning.. and spread a little sincerity!

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