Quod scripsi, scripsi.  

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Quod scripsi, scripsi.

Sonnet I
(Neither Iambic Nor Pentameter)

You have passed in the frozen earth for a year now
A rocky grave where the snow has fallen over a mound of dirt.
An everlasting sleep, I took my shovel to the roots and blistered
my hands and the sting opened the bitter gates of emotion,
I buried you.
The myth of innocence died today,
Why do souls watch civilizations fall upon their foundations and
people consume themselves,
from the inside out? if ever there was a reason for a ghost
You would be here with me now.
You were at my feet in your last moments, my hand was on your side
when you took your last breath, and then the time stopped, you took three
painful gasps …
reflexive…. The departing soul refusing
but then you were still, and after a period….
We wrapped you in a sheet and carried you to the cool grass.
It was hard but I guess grave digging is not supposed to be easy,
I sweated, and cried, and pulled up rocks and mud… made a pile beside the
Thinking about how temporal this all is, deeper and deeper, then when
the depth was right
We put you in the moist September earth.

Because all Dogs deserve a second chance...

rm_yummyone60 45F

7/11/2006 2:04 pm

The Pilot of the Plains

'False,' they said, 'thy Pale-face lover, from the
land of walking morn;
Rise and wed thy Redskin wooer, nobler warrior
ne'er was born;
Cease thy watching, cease thy dreaming,
show the white thine Indian scorn.'

Thus they taunted her, declaring, 'He remembers
naught of thee:
Likely some white maid he wooeth, far beyond the
inland sea.'
But she answered ever kindly
'He will come again to me,'
(Pauline Johnson)

Dogs are easily retrained.


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